This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Inverse concavation notation of a masaliation.

If a inverse relation is is implemented via, non coerced evaluation of necessary temptations to evode and erroded a coercive intensive, correction. Then a possible relation can be created to cause a form of notation of events in a secular pattern returning probability to a ratio of non relevant matter to the first relationship created. As such the necesssary event that one thought would have caused a certain even or even an inerseve relation would have caused no event at all but a creation of a evaluation of a free event not withstanding the events that did take place but where eventually not known or even understood to created the inverse relationgship to a possible undertone of ideas meant to cause a relatational event unbenounced to any part, via natural cognitions that occur in a certain relatationship that do not occur in other relation ships. Therefore, causing a similar affect to occur in the domiante relationship in the event that if thought outside of my theory of inverseve concavation notation of a masaliation, one would have thought that an event would have occured in either one direction or the other.

However, to prevent this notation of a relation to an inverse concavation of ideaological or even cognitionable events, from occuring, one most understand what they have done and see the ripples in the affect of their ideas. As such, the idea of block breaking to get through tough parts of ones minds to further analyize or even place together pieces that are there and seem to fit but one has lost the ability to fit. Would normally allow the relationship to just occur thinking that because of the dominat relationship that it would be possible that they would figure it out. However, unless the actuall event is understood as a possibel event of non relation at all but just an occurence of a non masaliation. Then one would understand that each and every event has an inverse relation that causes a concavation of the notation of the actual relation that was created.

So, the unerving part of the theory is that one has to cause a mental perception of the projections of cognitions and follow them like a bird following the ripples of air that an insect creates in the air. This then however, in a normal society means that person would be thought to have problems, As the inverse relation ship would cuase such strong feedback in ones mind that they would have no choice to actually mumble under their breath and even laugh crazilily once the end of the possible relationship has been formed and the cognition completed. As most everday occurences just cause an inverse concavation of notation of a masaliation, in which there really is very small inecptional cognitions of at all.

However, if one can create the perepcetion of a linear relationship to every event and relationship, then one can take a very small normal relationship and thus controll actual relationships tied to that relationship without even having to be in the relationship one is trying to affect. Thus formalizing an truiditity of a sound perception of cognition. As such, where a time counter of 4 by 4 bars sitting in a park with but only one properly cognitied word spoken could cause a chain of events to happen.

This theory can easily be tested when birds are around at a pitch level. If one where to just be around birds, then in a normal citlized park the birds do not care. However, if one takes that relationship to level of perception it desinvows the inverse concavation notation of a masaliation and then causes a true form of cognitable perception. As one can if proper research is done on the relationshp wishing to be related can thus do.

So we take birds for example, there are pitch tones and words that make birds react in a fashion benounced to their natural beings. As such, if you find a group of birds and you understand the necessary words and pitches one can then take the relationship of the birds to your being, and then cause them to lets say, poo on somebody passing by them. This is usually done with a natural response. The trich is to do it so slightly that the related person being affected does not know that you wished them to be affected. As anyone can yell at birds and get them to fly that would not be the attempt of the theory to acept the conception try.

Therefore, if one can find the nececssary pitches and words that can cause birds to take flight and have a bowl movement then one has defeated the inverse concavation notation of a masaliation.

Now that example is just a two level example. If one wants to get very deep, it can be very exhausting and one would have to be in a private area to properly figure out the full affect of mutiple relationships, as each being concieved in a conceptional relationship without actually creating the relationship would take lots of brain power so much so that some of it might spill out of your lips and sound like a mumble to anyone that is around. As the levesl get deeper it becomes harder and harder to actually keep the energy of mental conecptions in ones brains. It is not an easy task, however, it is very interesting to watch the interaction of moving molecules whether, human or animal when certain reactions are placed in front of them to cause a 4 bar rotation of events that can actually create a relationship that was desired, thus then showing the inverse concavation notation of a masaliation theory is passable and eventual, to conceptual cogntion of perception of notable inceptional events.

Rider I
In other words if you think about it it is possible.
If you just read this, you are crazier than me.

So if you ever come into a strategic meat with me, you better be thinking about what I want you to think about, so you do not think what I want you to think, and so you can think what you want to think. But you have already lost because you thought what I wanted you to think then at that point you are mine. Of course that is unless you have a mental block like a happy place or a sacred item of meditation, then one is fair game. If you are weak however, then so be it.

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