This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is the high cost of Oil fueling the chaos in the Middle East?

At first glance one takes a look at the movements in the middle east and of course like always they try and blame the US for what is going on. However, much like many things we do not start them we just try and help folks out. In this situation I could fathom a way in which the constant and massively increasing rise in fuel is actually causing the crisis in the middle east.

In reality all of the countries that are being hit are or where allies of the US. Which is not to say that we are against Democracy but it is to say we like to keep our noses out of other's business as long as their people are well treated. So as I was trying to sleep and get over my night owl watch, I came across the pondering of it makes more sense that the Muslim extremist that own OPEC are actually causing this unrest.

For starters, lets look at what is going in in the middle east. First, we have the worlds biggest Democracy the US in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to help create full voting systems there. Then, we see that the rest of the world is using the US's presence as a way to hate them, except for the free worlds that understand. Then we see, the Iran and the Religious fascists, have grown substantially stronger thanks to Communist dictatorial back stabbing through their puppet regime of the North Koreans. Along with that we see the Saudi Empire completely disavow themselves of their higher trade with the US for a more profitable single non Democratic trade partner the Communists. This then allows alliances and allegiances to turn from the US and Democracy by the Royals to the Communists and their new found economy.

As such, we then look at specific areas of where the Democracy movements have hit. Egypt which was the the US best ally in the middle east against Iran and its wishes for a Muslim run one world political party, was hit first. This then allowed the Egyptian government to fall. Again please accept the fact that I believe in Democracy and am looking at this in a Druids point of view. As, I am glad Egypt got their Democracy and I hope they take on the point of a two party system which is a Democracy and not another dictatorial system of non full voting rights, or proper restraints and checks of power and balance. Two terms boys.

As such, then we see Libya, Gadafi no matter how much we hate to say it was a very big ally of the US against Alquada and the other extremist Muslim groups. Then they where hit very hard. Thus next we see the Iranian naval forces move across the straights to show their control in a massive Iranian Naval military drill. After this we see the Saudia Arabian military move out of its area into Bahran to calm movements there. It was like I predicted before any governments made movements. The Saudia's would move, and the Iranians would move. At so far only the Saudi's on asking by the government under Democracy wishing people via 2nd amendment movements.

So, I would think why would I say the Extremist Muslims groups would want to create these movements. First, they all think the US is a threat to the Muslim world rule and the idea of a Inquisitional style of the Catholics rule across the world. This has been seen through many Wasumbi and Royal members of the Saudi's funding constant terrorism against the US and free worlds. Along with that we know the Iranian government funds terrorists against Democratic presence in the Middle east also.

The idea here is that, who is going to win after this mess is cleared up. It will not be the US and its heavy cost on its economy due to higher oil costs. It will not be the rebels of the people who are 2nd amendment for a Democracy slash more voting system. It will be when the dust is settled be the Iranian Muslims extremists and the Saudi Royla family. This is because all of the governments who had once been friends with the US to stop the Iranians and the Saudi's from over taking them via their guerrilla agents like the Al quade's and Hezzbolas will be completely enveloped with them once the dust is settled. Thus causing a more than probable full scale guerrilla invasion of Egypt and Libia by Saudi and Iranian guerrilla forces to set up a loyal single party rule to the Muslim extremist religious orders.

Where did this come from. Well, my lord and my savior and the pope as the close one, forgive me, but I sin. I am an Illuminatus, not by rank and number but by mere soul filling of wishing for freedom and not liking one world orders of oppression of intelligence. As such, when I look at movements I take historical movements written down by monks and thus apply them to todays events. Therefore, I saw the Saudia Arabian Wasumbis and the Iranian Ayatollah, much similar as the old Catholic, Bishop pope style military force. Then I was laying down trying to sleep without thinking of the worlds problems, with no adue to concsiousness. I then found links in my contextual memories of bed time stories of oppressive religious orders in the world and single party rulers I used to be told when I was younger.

I then linked them together and started analyzing what was going on. I would presume, that the current civil  battles are being constantly upgraded with Saudi and Iranian guerrilla soldiers.

As such, I then came by the thought, if the free world can prove that the Iranians and the Saudi'sgovernar and they can vote in a new one feeling like they have revolted.

The purpose here is to see that who is benefiting from this. I would hope to say that peace will prevail and that order will be restored. However, I do not see that happening without proper intelligence work. This is mainly because the religious gangsters and their clerics will use the matter to try and implement Muslim law, while the fascist rulers that the people are trying to overtake for Democracy will be fighting the rebels for Democracy and winning while no one helps them.

As such, if the people wish for freedom and their are outside guerrilla forces coming in from foreign oil rich countries, then would not mean that the people and the rulers of those countries would not be winning. As Libya's Gadafi well knows about the Saudis and Iranian guerrillas and how they wish to implement an Iotoylla style rule over a dictatorship. Democracy can't fight against itself. The Muslim extremist have created a vacuum for their power to be implemented. As the Democratic world will not want to fully invade these countries to implement Democracy as that would be war. However, the Saudi's and Iranians much like the Communists are very good at playing puppet guerrilla warfare, based on faith, or in the Communists views poor and inequality.

This thought was something I had before i went to bed. I wonder if the UN should go into Libia and Egypt to help them create Democracies. Who is Egypt asking for help in setting up their pure voting constitution? Why has the Middle East not taken the soft power battle instead of the constant hard power battles? If Dafi would step down and allow a new party to be voted in then why do not the rebels take him up on his offer and set up a polling system with the help of the UN.

Interlopers from Saudi's and Iranian's via their guerrilla warfare, would be much like the Catholics old ways of getting rid of the Druids, never works though, human nature is to be free like the birds and bees. When one oppressive nativity it always comes around. I need to sleep but can't. I will try again. I hope I do not catch any more thoughts while awake.

I love Democracy, which is a pure voting system. For almost three hundred years has the US been a voting system even when we where part of the Feudal Serdom of the King. It works, it is amazing how I feel, when I do not like something a representative does, and if there is enough people we can impeach them like we did in California with Governor Davis, or we can vote them out if we do not have a good enough voting populace to peacefully through soft power impeach them out of office for not representing the people and their voting power. That is fighting, humans fight every day. The mind is a constant fight. One thought after another, this or that, you wake up fighting, Should I follow my routine or sleep in some more, should I eat cereal with milk or grab a banana and yogurt, these are internal fights or decisions, two sides of the brain help one figure it out. The left and the Right, each with their own distinctions for thought and battle for inner peace.

So the question is: are the Saudis and the Iranians making out like thief's with the very high cost of oil and the massive deconstruction of single party rule that was nice to the US; Which will create a Muslims single party rule that is not nice to the US?

Why would it matter you say. Well, if you know religous orders and their ideas of world domiance just look to the Catholics reign on creation of serfdom, and what the Queen bee did with the nerds to stop them.

Rider I

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