This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Face book has made it more than apparent it wishes to break the golden rule of freedom.

I have pick up work for all triple letters from A-Z, if they so wish to take it on. I want Facebook legally attacked for every little 1st Amendment freedom violation they are committing, break it up in pairs. For the hounds, I want full reports, on their legal funds, legal counciles and known contracted councilers.

Then, if we need to tap into the quadrent letters to further the necessary upholding and stopping of a precedent that attacks psydo's in a public open source entity online data collection, then so be it. I have a meeting coming up with the cloud nines once I start my ride across the USA in VOTT's, I will seak further approval if the citizens representatives of this nationa also believe like the Supreme Court believes in which psydo's are a very important and necessary part of our citizen intellegence networks from socializing, to interacting. We are not a totalatrian society that is scared, so much to have police on every corner, or to stop the most sacred right of the 1st from being allowed to be shield from discrimination. We are a free society, as Face book wishes to operate in the world this Druid at helm with the three natural born symbols holds dear for our constitution of freedom, I say we mosh it up. There will always be another social networking cite waiting in the wings of the birds get carried away with the carcasses of oppression of the most sacred legal right humans should have, Freedom of Speech and to be able to speak freely.

Game is on, starts as per the first founders root algorythm, collect, play legal as always, and ladies and gents have a good time, as these social networks have a very close to monopoly on marketing and data collection, we need to break them up anyways.

Rider I
Place nice, uphold the most sacreds and golden rights the 1st and foremost.
it is one thing if they are using pysdo's to do mala in se, like crime, it is another if it is research or even play dreams. Fight noblely and band together if money is a problem. Your punk arse of a Druid King Rider I.

For Micheal Anti the Chinese ghost writer of a scholar who has gained many noble research alliances, may your psdo, stay intake in this this the worlds light of freedom's capitalst piggies business.

III my little closet punk, fly in the water of the nodder. Have fun darling, be legal.

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