This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Briefly stated the virtue of Honor requires one to adhere to their oaths and do the right thing, even if it will ultimately hurt others or oneself in the process. A Druid is obligated to remain true to friends, family and leaders thus exhibiting the virtue of Loyalty. Hospitality demands that a Druid be a good host when guests are under one's roof. Honesty insists that one tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth to yourself, your gods and your people. Justice desires the Druid understands everyone has an inherent worth and that an assault to that worth demands recompense in one form or another. Courage for the Druid does not always wear a public face; it is standing-strong-in-the-face-of-adversity, alone or with companions. Sometimes Courage is getting up and going about a daily routine when pain has worn one down without complaint or demur."

Vid dru, oggmostacto, noss mas latast unastas libras.

When will we see their history? We have long been at peace Priest. Why do you hide the knowledge behind your special doors of guards and non electrical production.

I was hoping you could place an extensive collection if they books and writings had not been destroyed on the Druids. maybe.

We are underground no more. Our long lost history would be kind hearted gesture if you still have it. The first and foremost group has ascended in Britain again to begin Druid, Wicken studies of nature and spirits again. I mean, it has been proven via the lord and the savior, along with science that nature is a spirit and it can act as one with other spirits or against it. It would be very interesting. If you have anything left. I am sure some Druids more than acted their share of arse and pissed off the clergy, given understood the genome of fighters.

Some of your favorite players where always Druids my priests, artists, play writes, writers, political and social leaders.

Wicken and Druid are similar just lost during the long thousand year war. I think, the King can say we are at peace now, we have a country and they have their country, we no longer head hunt each other, as I have rested peacefully for many years and so has the Bishops may it last for, forever.

Blathmac mac Máele Cobo

I, it would be good for the old souls to see the old texts and writings, if they still exist. Again, my arses is arase and I do act so when not in public affairs, anyominity is scared, to arsing.

a ri tuatha

The original Blath fa me crew, where not devils there where just trying to stop invasion from barbarians and Kings. That is in the past though.

I am not going to be able to make it to Rome, so hopefully I can see the exhibits when placed in public, if they exist. I do not know what the meeting was about. However, I feel in nature it would not be a good time for me to leave my home birth land and her trees. As always I humble apologize for my cloaked arsness and pray for forgiveness as in public I would never figure such my character in a meeting of minds. Especially when the Communists are at the top of the list of discussions.

As the Druid King we will have to meet on my turf, as the earth has moved and I wish to calm her down as much as possible without human intervention, at least as much as prayer and soul can do. Send my favorite Bishop and we can sin down at the Irish Pub together and speak in a back room I know of.

Tell the Bishop that the ladies at the bar in mini skirts and Cidar are waiting his time with the Druid. Only if he can withstand the hell of it.

And no my lord I would never get the Bishop wasted and have girls dance with him on the dance floor.

Any bishop with a full scale oak tree on their body for a tattoo is cool with me my lord.

Now that is style:
  All a man needs right there, a leather jacket, some plad panths and a sleeping bag and the Beull sportster in the back ready to go nomad, after the earth settles down. Saw that one on a trace I was doing in Madrid. Thought it was the cats meow.

 Tracers are all the same, darn hats.

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