This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

The way the world is a balance.

How to deal with ones people when they call for more rights. Do you go out and shoot them in the head? Or does one just block them completely from having an idea? Or does one just destory the very cognitioners of any ideas against the oppression itself?

On the other hand does one allow complete voice and say what you want and feel like you tried, while making sure that things are moderated between forces of every oppossing clan. What some countries seem to forget that no matter how much power one clan gets there will always be another clan or entity which seeks justice for some reason and believes so deeply in its heart that it should lead but to have no other ability than to seek a fair battle field to do so. Thus, the causation of many forms of civil unrest have been so. From the US against Kings, to the South US against the rest of the US again versus capital kings. Things never change it is the same soul cognition that one has that remains the same.

The problem then comes down to how to actually allow these people to fight without having blood shed or end trails. This then has been soved many thousands of years ago BC. The reasons where between a few cloud smoking ox moron's so called by the town folks, who would gather every full moon and change of season to decided the way to create peace between their clans that called them moron's with the ox's. The way in which it was settled upon in which most young progessive scholars and students would learn from would be to have each citizen vote on the matters of the whole. As the young stallions in the clans if felt their leaders just made decisions based on their own wills, would just up and wish to have the same power. As such, found during most times when the young studs and cycles had their views heard and explained why it was a bad idea or through show of numbers and counts that it would not work, that things usually kept more peace in that region of clans. As such, the way has been and has held strong in what we know call Democracy, to vote and to peacefully be heard and explained too.

You can't expect a child to know how to play cricket, nor can one expect a Black betl to understand the power of boxing, nor can one expect a people to understand governance without proper research and debate and forensics in which all have their views heard and decided against weighed upon based on data and statistics. It has been for thousands of years view the city builders of peace and the seperate soverign wishers for all to combat intergalatic invasion that each vote on their own culture and views, as long as they are voting it is ok and the Guardia's stand down with their thoughts and dreams. Via birds souls, and written messages taken by one bird to the next until the message reached the Warriors on the battle field on what would happen via their overwhelming technological battles. I am no slave to any power, I am free, I have the right to fight peacefully via intellectual presentation of data and evidencial statistics.

Rider I
To be harnessed the invaders once tried to take them all then once they relized why they where being harvested they fought back and they started to win, then the invaders fled, once the lords of one found the way to send messages to warriors months before the invaders went to thier towns.

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