This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The US's Service Bell Curve Reliance is a Detrement to United States International Security.

I have to send out three resumes today, then I have to study for my Motorcycle License exam however, it is very easy and boring so I will work on this blog post also. I figure it has been a while since I was not ranting and actually wrote something worth reading. Then I am going to send it to the Naval Economics Department to see if they will read it and digest the main cognition of the article.

I came up with some ideas while preparing to battle with the motorcycle test study.
Dear College of USNA Department of Economics,
The United States of America Service Bell Curve Reliance is a Detrement to International Security 
The United States of America has long been a country that is relied upon its service sectors. Today, the United States of America rely's on our service bell curve for 70% of our GDP. This is because each time there is a slump in our macro business cycle the legislatures create laws to boost a service bell curve.  These cycles take the US in a pattern of deficit enlargment after each trough. However, our competitors, that use neo mercantalist economics, are able to wait until we go into a trough cycle and then rush into the international market place to gain more market shares. At a point of development this is a good thing for our competitors who need to develop also. However, in the case of Communist China it is a problem. This problem has become an international security mattter.
History of Reliance on the Service Bell Curve
Notes from this paper.


"Given these historic relationships, it seems unlikely that the United States will be able to
balance its current account through continued growth in the services surplus without also
maintaining high levels of competitiveness in other sectors."

Also 1960's is a good start also to start to dig for historical evidence of root service reliance.

This should be an explanation of when the actual service bell curve reliance started, why, what it is, any other historical matters I find necessary for cognition that I can find.

Service Bell Curve as applied to GDP

This one might be placed into the above with a better subtitle, maybe.

Laws that have created Service Bell Curve Boosts

Going to work with three here, savings and loans, .com and mortage mainly because I had to live through each of these and felt each on in my personal life as a child.

The Enlargement of the US's Deficit After Each Service Bell Curve.

This is something I have seen via many economists reports. However, it would seem that none of them report on the matter or even see it. You see the service bell curve and it cycle, then you see an enlargement of deficit then you see a new service bell curve, that does nto solve deficit and then troughs out before it can clear the last one, then the deficit gets bigger and it happens again.

How the US's Service Bell Curve Help Other Countries Develop

Smaller countries like African or Indian, or others that need market shares should be allowed to gain them.
Hoewver, beasts should be treated like beasts.

Communist China's Reverting back to Cold War Tactics is an International Security Matter for US and Democratic Interests

Communist have stopped the Democratic transition to keep their single party kingship totalatarian style rule for cold war purposes of abroad relations instead of domestic voting and spread of wealth.

Solution and Conclusion
or maybe a solution part then a conclcusion that might be more professional

Like always I hate to write a paper and then just conclude by summarizing up the matters spoken about. As such, I will provide a conclusion that will allow others to build off the paper by writing further papers regarding the solution. These are my favorite kind of papers, so I would guess any other writer out there would love that too. As, if you love to write good ideas are great when they are cognited for you.

Mainly it is not so much as I am worried about the Communist invading the US as I am the US being under a single party totalatarian rule via cold war (econ war) tactics. That is the main theme this blog is trying to get but so far it is just a crows nest. I should finish this by the time I finish my motorcycle license. So I can celebrate two things. Two is better than.

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