This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Democracy in the world.

Democracy at such a relevant time period has had two great go at it. First it was the Roman empire which wished to colonize and create each country under their rule. However, the USA has just tried to help out and if folks wish for Democracy also wish to help them. In reality though, Single ruler entities have longer runs in governmental ships than Democracy. As it is much easier for one party to dominate and control via hard power than it is soft power. Today in the world as per Iraq and the new found Democracy in Iraq and the wish for it in other countries, along with the Muslims extremist groups seeing chaos as a way to implement one party rule in areas, we see the world suffering.

This has been no fault of any country. It is normal when such a power has held reigns for so long for other countries to want to live in peace and be able to have their children represent the people or in single party terms rule for a short period of time. In the US and other free worlds, we have seen a peaceful process of allowing soft power battles to cause the power to shift back and forth. This has allowed a very good cognition to be created in the free world. This has spurred such great things, as freedom can allow. Then again, Democracy if the leaders or rulers are not willing to allow it can be a very hard time for the world. As we saw when the US and other free countries like France and Britain before went through it.

At this time of high Democracy wish it is a scary time for all. For the free world it is time to fear reprisals from the single party rulers banding together which they have done in OPEC and the anti American league. On the other hand for the single party rulers who see their whole people societies bloody with war and wishing for voting are also afraid for their personal rule and stableness of their society. I can say that, this is one of the worst times and best times in history I have ever seen. The middle east has long been a massive place of hard power transitions of power. In which one single party has constantly had to take power from the other. Much like we see in parts of Africa.

This time will be hard for all. The expectation of the detriments will be tough, economies just coming out of bad times will go back into hard times. Leaders will all sit down to find some way to bring peace. However, from a Democratic point of view it is very hard to back Leaders and Rulers who have stabbed the free world in the back by constantly raising prices of the root economic basket. Thus, I would figure the day of when the US has seen its day alone in the free world are numbered. The problem is now that the extreme muslims and wishers of war lords and single party rules might not come to an understanding of truth like African countries have to share power between each other and respect the voters and the people, along with make sure that one another thrives and is able to check each other under the understanding that a one single party rule is not good for the people that are being governed.

This summer is going to suck and at best be a great enlightenment. Is the Muslim culture ready for Real Democracy no dictator single party rule. By the way Communists is not Democracy in any form. Any one can vote, however, if those votes to not matter for the leading seats it is fruitless for the citizens.

I wish peace on earth and good will to all men and women and children. I only stand in a country with one of the worlds best political freedoms and the most representative listening to their people. My fear is great, my love is strong. Shall I forsake my economic consumption for another, or shall I realize that the constant jeopardy of one entities creation of economic instability via basket control has created force from within via unfair centralization of their peoples wealth to Sovereign wealth funds and unfair competition via SOE business. I stand unknown. It is not the US citizens that worry, it is the people whose children can never represent their people, or who are constantly having to deal with religious or capital gangsters without any reprive to be able to lead their people that I feel for.

This time during President Obama's representation of the US is going to be tough. He is constantantly going to have to stand up for Democracy while also having to worry about economic stability. The other free world representatives are going to have to make the same decisions. The balance between economic security and the idea of freedom ways heavy in an Americans mind, let alone one such as President Obama who has to take into account hundreds of millions of voices and make the best that he can decision on what his people would want this countries resources to do.

I wish you all good luck. For those Rulers who will not step down and allow more voting rights, may your country find peace, and may you at least allow a long term transition process in which you can lie about later like the Communist party of China once you have gained world superiority.

Rider I
Imagine having to deal with hundreds of millions of voices inside of your head. You think I am crazy you should hear our President during whiskey time.

For thus ordained by a god or a blood line, so I am I. However, mine has allowed the people under which my lords have granted natural enlightenment to be my ruler and my voice is one with theirs it is not the voice. However, ordained rulers by god have their sovereignty too. That is there business not mine, what I do in my countries lands and Dukes is mine. I wish you all good luck and may peace come without blood shed to all. Good like President Obama, may your decisions be made with as much statistics and data from the people of this country as possible.

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