This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Brazil and the USA can do great things together via trade.

Currently we have countries in Latin American that are dead locked because of no way to get their products to markets in their domestic international market place. This is a major point in US Brazilian relations. The idea of NAFTA was not so much to as allow developing countries to dump on developed countries their products made under bad social safety nets and bad employment laws, along with a horrible spread of economic wealth. As much as it was to start to help Mexico create a better system for its people through education of employment laws, social safety nets and properly spreading economic wealth while still allowing freedom of economics. However, if we have learned anything from NAFTA it is that these things take a lot of time, and that the actual end game was lost a long time ago in teaching Mexico how to create a stable and healthy economy.

Brazil on the other hand is a bright shining star of hope for Latin America. Along with Mexico who has come very far and still has a long ways to go, they can do great things. Currently Brazil and the US are at it over farm trade. However, the US has been nice and allowed Brazil and Communist China to do back door illegal anti trust trade in energy matters. As such, I believe the table is going to be balanced. This means we can get back to work on helping the smaller underdeveloped countries in Latin America to spread international wealth around. (always good working with the communist back door dealers, I love how they think we can't trace them just because they go behind doors.)

This does not necessarily mean that the US has to lose more jobs via other countries with bad employment laws, not healthy safety nets, and horrible laws that spread the economic wealth. However, it does mean that Brazil like Mexico can now start to take some hits for their fellow Latin American countries. Meaning they can use their new found wealth and great economic power to stabilize their fellow Latin Countries. Much like Brazil has already started to do.

Along these lines, as the Brazilian markets grow at a substantial rate, and the US markets become much more technologically savy, we can see great strides to be made in the future with both countries working to prosper the America's. I hope that the Brazilian People see the US and the US people see the Brazilian people as people that can be worked with. Brazil has many countries around them that need a place to market their food stuffs. Brazil along with the US can use these food stuffs being grown to create bio fuels to sell to the world, as a renewable form of energy. Which could put a small dent in the drug trade. As most farmers just grow coco, or marijuana because it sells at higher prices than other farm foods.

This consumption of local international latin countries farm goods via bio fuel may not be the best natural form of energy, but as an economic and social builder it should help to start spread economic wealth and prosperity which can then create other markets based on those resource markets. This then could open up high tech biofuel companies in those ares to wing them off drug production and star them onto streets, social safety nets, better schools, international education institutes, poverty level social nets, and great prosperity over time for all.

I wish both representatives a good well talk. As always the Druids will be watching.

Rider I

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