This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here is what I think about cartels and monopolies.

Eletrical 4by 4's off road vehciels and temperature generators, along with many other forms of renewable energy. 5 mother bleeping dollars a gallon. I mean minimum wage is barely three dollars more than that. How are we supposed to keep the necessary spread of economics and human density if no one can travel anywhere. We can't it forces everyone to huddle together like sheep. F that, I am out, I want some hot rod renewable energy red neck style rebellions against Oil and the cartel that has run our darn international economics. They are about to take sides with the Communist to create a one world currency and they have already started to prefer to do business with the Communist over the US anyways. So we might as well unless the rebel inside. Of the US via legal soft power of course and commerical enterprise. We can actually make trillions of new dollars and millions of new jobs by keeping 50% dependancy on oil which will lower dependancy on OPEC and then creating 50% increase of renewable nergy sources. When we frist found oil in salt, the whole industry created trillions of dollars and millions of jobs. We can do the same thing with the proper rebellion of soft power of course.

Rider I
F cartels cheater and economic beaters.

I am going to smoke a big fatty and then shine my gun and work on my eletrical motorcycle.

Hugo Chave and the Sadui's have been back stabbing the free world doing back door oil deals with the Communists. Chavez sold the Communist oil at less than $6 a barrel when the free world was paying around $70 a barrel. Sadia's are not as bad but still there are implications they have been doing the same thing. Of course not to upset the King, we have no proof, but still, OPEC should have regulated one of its members. It is not fair they act like cartels to set prices then go behind the worlds back and do back door deals that no one else can get for their people. Not fair very upsetting, there are also a lot of other documents that have been leaked that show very upsetting OPEC discrimination cases. That is not fair to the country who loves cars so much that we have the worlds biggest consumption of after market car parts. Not fair at all, man. wtf.

This tinkering into non hands on mech tech smoking fatty break is:
Maurice Carrie Codys Crush (non-vintage)

Very interesting unique blend for the poor person wishing for a new taste and something affordable for your tea and smoke time. This is my smoking fatty as my other fatties are currently not federally legal thanks to the Economic warfare analsysis god the Hurstanator and his campaign for his wood supplement of the hemp industry.

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