This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Currently our charging systems are way out of date. Need eletrical gas cans.

20 some odd years ago, I had remote controll cars that ran off of eletricity power and they topped out of speeds at 20-40 mph. The charging systems then for a small battery was about 2 hours for the super charge and about 8 hours for the trickle charge.

Today, I see the same problem. So far we have eletrical cars. However, unless it is a hybrid or you are not driving very far it is not feasable to own one. This is mainly because the USA is a free country in which people's highest desire is to own their own place in their name and their whims. This means that a lot of folks work very far from home. Along with that as our social infrastructure for mass transit is still far behind in many ways, we find that the balance of eletrical cars has not reached a saturation point basically because of inability to have fuel.

As such, I believe the problem is not the actually batter as it can hold and maintain the energy transfer but out chargers. This is because, in my belief they do not have eletrical power storage abilities. For example, lets take a archeic from of energy, fossil fuels. These fossil fuels have deposists, under stations in which the liquid energy moves very fast from the deposits to the proper consumption unit. However, in our current eletrical transporation grid, which is almost non existance, thanks to OPEC cartel like hold of bullying. We see the charging systems coming out for eletrical motorcycles and other necessary areas are not properly set up for a real time commerical implement of eletrical transporation.

We can see this by the home charging systems which are sold with the cars to try and speed up the charging system are at best still taking an hour or two hours. This is because the problem with the chargers is they do not hold enough storage capacity to tranfer a the vibration energy, from one point to the  next point in real time commerical necessity. As such, the solution to this would be simple. We could create necessary items that act like gas cans of the archeic years, of fossil fuels.

A gas can was created for individuals to be able to keep gas with them for home use, as gas stations used to be very far apart, then they transformed into a form of an easy to charge the necessary energy machine so the vehicle could go farther than what the grid allowed. So the idea is to make an eletrical gas can.

This can be used as such, to transfer faster storage of energy from the unit to the consumer. This can be done by creating a sort of bigger output on eletrical storage systems. First, however, the gas can would have to be charged from the system, as currently we can by pass that system and allow a faster draw time from one unit to the next by proper eletrical transfer generators, we could also use these systems to do it for the eletrical gas cans.

One would think, why have a gas can when one can juts carry extra batteris. Well, all in all the eletrical can should be actually smaller than a battery system. This then allows for my travel from grid point to grid point and more play for the kids during off roading time and back wood adventures with their buddies and 22's.

Thus the areas of pon point analysis for capital creation of value is:
1. Bigger fuel outlets for the entrance of eletricity and output of electricity.
2. Storage units that can take the fast transfer.
3. The ability of the actual eletrical can system to be smaller than a battery, along with cheaper.
4. Proper gird allocation of eletrical inputs, so that when driving one can fill their eletrical can while also refilling their car, before the next grid point.

This is a real horrible outline, but I have been seeing these areas circled in my mind for a couple of days and this is the best I can get it out of my mind currently without reading manuals on the actual battery and tranfer of energy systems.

The idea is that, like gas used to come out very slow and the grid was very spread far apart, we need to cognition eletrical cans, much like how gas cans created the big US thing. I mean from what gramps' told me back in the day, you had to have at least two gas cans to get from one grid point to the next as the individual freedom transportation would run out of energy before one point. Then you wait for a hoarse to pull you, or you push, depends on how many boxes of liquid lighting XXX rated, you had in the car.

So, that is what, I got out of this constant bother of a intellectual thought process. Hopefully it will leave me alone until my tinkering days. I am more worried about figuring out how to get from one point to the next point on a motorcycle I do not even have across the free nation in the world. Should be fun, lots of research to do, grid point stops for views, gun laws, gas grids, hodlem hang outs to avoid, nice camp cites with sheriff stations near by, cop corruption ratio for cities, Attorney general rations of states for self defense laws, plus food allowance and some, places to hang out with some nice ladies, I figure, I will hit up some fancy type cities with rich young ladies to see if a hung nomad can hang out in their dadies house for a minute and rest.

Rider I 

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