This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mental Storage center expansion

The expansion of the memory cells of the human and intellectual beings control center, is a very interesting study. What the US calls the Vulcan study has long not properly been implemented in educational processes. The theory is basic, you speed up the process for those students who are able to grasp it much like the actual Hollywood documentation has shown. We have been working on these types of educational studies for special students and I was special enough to be elected into one when I was very young after school. These programs used to include the actual facing of a computer, the teaching of the computer to the student of a possible memory intellectual program. Then once the command is formed it will move onto a linking command, while actually coming back to the same command over and over with different examples working out each area of the mental cavity to make sure it grasps the cognition. Then once the machine has done so it expects the student to recite the vir orally and written word, while also completing exercises and then being tested on the theory. Then once these commands are completed and expanded as far as they can go, they then piggy back onto the next intellectual command storage center.

The example I was given was mathematics, I was able to skip ahead three levels of math just by going to this program after school which implemented the Vulcan theory for about 6 months. Then once I was in class the teacher had to create special mass lessons for me just to keep me occupied while the others where doing time tables and addition and I was on algebra. However, the basic idea was lost the next year as I did not have teachers that would create special classes and I ended up getting more involved in social activities like skateboarding and biking, which allowed me to flake off after school as I could do the homework during class, as the teacher would give it to me ahead of time, then just play after school. This was elementary if they had it for any other test periods, they did not pick me, I guess because I did so good in one study. I wished they would have done it to me in grammar and writing as I find that just enjoyable these days as I found math and science when I was a kid.

Oh well, someday I plan to implement this torturous device of love of intelligence on my children for at least an hour after school. It is easily made and very fun if you like answer the questions in class before the other class mates and having all the girls want you do study with them after school. Then again that was just for one school year. I guess they thought I would be to powerful if they kept me in it. The problem is the full implementation as I heard some of the testers in slacks and polo shirts and sweatshirts was causing full scale social deprivation where other students who did not take where having trouble with family and friends because of information overload. I just went home and fought with my brother and dad like I always did, so when they asked me how my home life was I said normal, my family is fighters, thats what we do. Then again it was more a Democratic vote of family funds that where not for root necessity items.

I think it is a good idea if they can work the social deprivation kinks out. I could imagine as our society is progressing technological every two years that we would be able to leap and bound and catch up to the greys in no time if we had special schools for students, like that. Then again, they should include MMA in the school instead of dodge ball, or teather ball. Kick arse.   While also teaching arts, I never learned to draw and that always upset me, I have so much creativity in my mind and I can't draw worth a darn.

Rider I

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