This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

How to deal with OPEC oil spiking, and floor setting.

First, we have to find the proper substitute for oil in many production products, like tires and other things. This should be easy as we have already found those, most noteably is corn, which can be turned into a form of oil. This then will allow a natural renewable resource that can be spread across the world in under developed and developing countries. So as to help stop the drug growing. As most underdeveloped countries grow drugs because they can't find buyers for thier products becuase they can't afford to market them or even sell them as no one wants to buy third world farming that is not properly treated and hard to get out of the druf infested terrain.

How to use corn oil instead of gasolina.

The problem then is if OPEC does not substantial drop the prices and stop setting floor prices as it seems they are doing, would then be the necessary to destroy food crops to yield production crops.

However, the necessary number economic crunching would have to be done and some field studies on how long corn ties ast compared to rubber tires.
Numbers and field study needed:
Devils cup:
First, we would have to see how many third world farmers could grow corn or necessary substitutes to oil. Then we woudl have to due earth and water errosion and impact studies.
After that we would need to actually do studies that show the city impact of corn tires to rubber tires. To see which ones are stronger to stop crashes. I mean if we can create run flat corn tires, then boom we are in.

The problem then would be the worlds ability to sustain water molecules in its atmospher and not allow it to be leaked out into outerspace. As this is a major problem. Which would mean we need that dam satellite in the air to study the proper necessary water loss. As we would be using substantial amounts of water to process the corn.

Then we would also need to do a proper calculation of how much water it takes to create oil to rubber. As we can then subtract that water consumption to the corn consumption.

The main scare would be the ability of areas to actually obtain water, and the massive amount of lost water due to corn production increase.

In Oil is used for almost half for production, then if prices are raised and the other half is used for heating and transportation. then the cans could really hurt and balance out the spending of free world citiznes heart beats from bully cartels.

I hope you are embarrased by my straight fowardness and calling you out. Cause where I come from you can die any day so I stand up and fight for what I believe in everyday.

Looks like we are not going to get by not using it as a product filler for reasons in product until we can refine renewable resources better. currently it is to much.

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