This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to raise positice capital inflows, keep normative trade and decrese the world starvity numbers.

Our the fishery trade  deficit can easily be balanced out so we can accumulate a foreign actual trade surplus with other developing countries that need food sources while keeping our current trade with countries that we have a deficit in in fishery. San Diego Sea world has begun some of our first off shore fisheries, in which instead of depleting the sea we actually just use sea pins to grow the fish and allow them to stay in the sea. This means there is less costs for dealing with the whole of the fishing, and less costs on the environment as the fisheries can actually create whole cultures of life around the pins. Thus if we did more of these we could actually start to help feed more countries in the world while creating a positive capital inflow. There are starving people in the world and we need to expand economically more to check and compete with our rivals the Communists. We can feed the world's people and we can create more domestic jobs that create taxes for a better quality of life for us and the world. This is what folks did not understand about the cold war. When we actually competed heavily against the communists we were not just making sure communism did not spread but we were developing countries and feeding countries so democracy spread while the communists just wanted to suck those countries dry economically so they could become stronger. So we can compete. I have written reports and sent them in on fishery maintenance and especially how we can create huge coastal, river and lake jobs, in which we can export tons of frozen American fishery foods to developing countries based on their loans for the world bank and their ability to have labor and other things like we did when we first started trading with the communist to try and turn them via hey look it works, freedom of economics. We need to compete.

Having a rival is not bad. This idea that the hallucinogen trend generation with flowers in their hair and they compete way less than the world war generations and probable my generation is wrong. Rivals with the communist is good. We create more wealth for the US by then creating more democratic/republic based countries which in thus helps feed more countries. Along with that the more the free world expands to check the communists expansion again the more the world will see the difference from the communists and the free world, which we need to distinguish fastly as they are cloaking in diguess and gaining free trade under false pretenses. As trading with a communist country can never be free trade, as they wish to be the center of the communist one currency one world government.

I wake up in the morning and I save the world and I ask myself, what is wrong with our leaders they need me. They should kiss my arse and pay me.

No offense hippy you know I love you and cowboy you stop laughing but I swear we need more dam street men like me in the the positions of helping the leaders work. I mean I wake up and people are starving, the darn communists are expanding and we are not checking them, dam terrorists have no jobs and nothing better to do than get high brain washed and cause trouble and the we have no rivalry with the communist. Dam it give me my reports you too you dam slow monkey writing, I am going to put both of you in the cage and I do not care how big you are cowboy I will grapply both of you in one arm and make you call me king. You remeber the last time you pissed me off cowboy, how was that cage fight for you.

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