This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The reason why it is necessary to review external economics.

Nightmare in Acapalle
The United States of American the shining star of freedom has lost the basic principle of economics. "If the marginal costs of doing something exceeds the marginal benefits, don't do it". For a countries economists to sit down and without reason of national security our ideas of long created freedom create an idea where the communists are allowed market force through their centralized economics is not proper for freedom. As through Marshallian theories of economics, political, legalities, military and other variables must be taken into account when dealing with international economics. Thus it is necessary to look at the opportunity costs that the USA has lost for letting the communist run uncompetitively in the world. King TANSTAAFL shall be used to explain this very simply.
The US economists through econometrics half hearted and half witted theories thought it was cheaper to allow the communist to build everything for everybody. While the rest of the world just did services on those products. Like we see in all free world socities, which have 70% or higher service industry reliance. Thus the economists had forgotten about the communists wish for political, economic and military domiance. In which is inherant after the last trough cycle. As the Communist pointed out the free world, even though we are all imbalanced because of the communists. They also devored many smaller free socities like Greece who also had high service sectors and could not export anything do to unfair competition, thus falling massively in debt due to a lack of positivce capital inflows. As such we have just seen the communist party expand even more than when the Soviets were at the helm, of the party.
The communists have furthered their world economic domination through an unfair free trade proliferation with countries that economists obviously had no backening from the free world economists. Or if they did it was the economists who did not either read Marshallian economics or were just to lazy to analize the political, military and economic domiance factor.
The Communist have been allowed to be thought of as developing even though I believe they are the biggest developed country in the world with more cities and people in developed areas than the USA or other free countries. Thus being able to follow in the foot steps of the Soviets and create trade agreements that benefit the communist through high capital inflows while creating negative capital inflows which allow the communist to dominate via SOE and cartel type economics. Which in turn drives down the countries soverignty for their own economics overtime as we have seen in Greece, who has just allowed numerous communits intellegence bases through SOE's to gain access and a foot hold to take away Greece's people's market shares, all based on a false pretense of that there is no such thing as negative capital inflows.

 No you wont.

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