This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rebuttal to the new majority in the house idea to take away unions.

Montana and Tiger, I want a report on foreign countries like the Netherlands or any counrtry that is very unionized and the people have sway over their jobs and job security v.'s countries like ours that does not have powerfull unions where our President does not even listen to its own backing support when the teamsters ask him not to allow Mexican Truck drivers to come in and then once in steal jobs from domestic and national truck drivers by not dead heading home.

Report has a 4 day experation date on it.
Compara and contrast all major nations that have good unions compared to countries that have weak or destroyed economic guardians. I would guess that countries with good unions have a lower unemployment rate and a higher life style for thier people as they do not allow for as many exports as countries with no or weak economic guardians. By the Hoffa, your popps would not have allowed this NAFTA thing to go through then also see it almost stopped then going back into affect. You need to present reports and make time with the President to actually present them to why our Truck drivers jobs are national security and a major important factor in our economic jobs. Thus we lose more than one job when a Mexican truck driver comes in, as every darn company will want to use their servies while in the US as they can work for way less.

Get me my report Montant and Tiger. I want Montana on all economic mapping and I want Tiger on all stastistical graphing that goes along with them. The presentation should be in normal fashion with proper hand outs, power points, and possible 3d graphic holograms in the middle of the isles, want to make an impression we do it guardian style.

Rider I
get on it.
I need the hologram machines checked out for our council to show why or economic defense have become weaker than ever, Unions not properly saving their employess with data and presenation, leaders not keeping folks employed with jobs that bring in positive capital inflows. As such try out either the smoke machine and the holograms to see if that works, along with that place grabby in the seats, as he will give us the best analizst of any worst case scenario regarding the whole presenation. Make sure the smell is something that does not offend the council, as some of them do not like the maple surup smell we use as I have had breakfast with them and heard some stories about maple surup. Or just try the hologram graph isle projects by themselves and juse use brighter colors. I would like a full scale ceiling to wall presenation. So when they turn to look at the isle, when I am poing on the power point then can easily see and it makes it seem much more important if it is in a major scale hologram presentation. We need better economic offense and defenses in this country, if I have to volunteer and do it our selves then so be it. It is hard not getting paid to stay off the grid. Someday maybe I will get hired on somewhere and get paid.

I also might need a couple of other hologram machines placed in the front. I am picturing me standing behind grids presenting with them in front of me from the floor to the ceiling. Also prepare the necessary strategic management of the hololgrams incase we have to move to another cite to present and we can't use home base.

Rider I
Whiskey and cigars for the council would be good too. I am going to try and get them a little light headed before I hit them with the hologram graphs.

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