This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rise above and beyond to the call of duty my leaders, without guns but with economics.

Please no spitting on the screen type B. We need to create positive capital inflows, not negativity here.

Yest type B I am this smart and powerfull and yes tryanical communist type I can lead this country without being in the leaders chairs.

And yes I am a smart butt. That is why I gained so many degrees and have read so many books. Now I just need to figure out how to take my notes and start publishing my ideas without the whip's in them.
If someone came to me and said I want to feed the world and stop poverty. Here is what I would say:
First of all the United States of America economic potential for helping build the world is very untapped.
Thus, if we were to find out why the US's economic potential is being stopped from being tapped, then we would be able to start tapping it to provide more. Thus, you ask me you old marbles, off your rocker without your axe, lunnar writing weirdo how do we do that? First, my young inellectual seeker, find me my marbles and my axe and you will find the answer.

Marbles are the necessary elements for the USA to create an outward economic offensive against poverty and undeveloped countries. Thus we need to find these elements before we can search for the axe. The necessary elements are much like we are seeing now. Two failed attempts at a stabilized economic situation one by opposition check and one by interior bad policy decision. As such the political powers that be are not at a stand still and  need something to bring them back to power for their ideological battles.
1. We had the insurance debacle which goes on every time a Democratic leader takes the Presidency. Each time they get a little more but never a full communization of an industry, as the medical industry should be left free for many checks against tryanical reasons. And the people whether they want more hand outs are not are taken care of and every US citizen has health care. They just do not have cadillac health cares. HOWEVER, THE NON DISCRIMINATION OF HUMAN BEINGS IS A HUGE DEAL AND A HUGE REASON WHY OUR INSURANCE AS A FREE INDUSTRY AND FREE ENTERPRISE RUN NEEDS TO REGULATION. SO MAKE SURE THAT NON DISCRIMINATION THING IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE LET GO. ON BOTH SIDES.
2. The massive stimulus (apples) that were supposed to drive our outward production of green technology (hoarse) where at the rate of 80% given to foreign countries to create positive capital inflows for them while the USA used its own apples to shot itself in the foot and create a negative capital inflow.

Thus we have to failed attempts to create a balanced economy. One that would have created a service bell reliance and lead us back into what we have been going through time and time again, without really creating any new positive capital inflows and the other that would have saved us failed and erroded through bad policy advise.

Ah, however, young seeker of the light of monkeyness. They can still overcome though. Ah yes, the elements are there and the brew is ready for a true US creation of growth for a rebirth of free socities against the overmounting communist expansionism, and their huge high technological and military might.

Thus the necessary elements of political balance is there. The need for income is there. I can see that we can start lowering the rate of poverty more. The reports state that by allowing the communist to expand they are lowering the rate of poverty. That is true they are. However, they are also raising their ideas of government and their military control via economics and intellegence bases which are actually better than boot bases. So the reports do not actually consider the idea that the US will need to expand to reproduce its infrastructure, tax bases, defenses and need for jobs to feed its economy which should be expanding to check the communists.

Therefore, without hurting anyone (communist agents) I will be able to turn my leaders to a new froniter. As such my young question asker, we will be able to lower poverty and starvation levels. This is is now where I need my axe. Hand me my axe and I will show you how.

Axe time:
Preachers of all faith bless my axe, then I shall chop.
Time to clear a path for freedom and prosperity while reliving poverty and starvation.

We have solid trees of poverty and starvation in the world. We have a country primed and ready to take on an economic offensive against such poverty and starvation. I swing.
First, we find new places to gather minerals. As such in which we can then create new places for mighty market places of trade. In which those countries can then use that surplus from their minerals to create trade with their fellow neighbors. As such knighting countries through trade. This then will create a mutiplier effect of those other countries gaining trade from that one being able to trade more.
I swing again this time I catapult my swing even harder:
The countries who are in need of things like police forces, streets, places to hold value to create value and maintain it Banks, places for people to take out loans to start business with, etc. We the USA shall find them loans, either through US or through international banks. Which will then create new places of trade and bring new market places.
Lastly I swing even harder and I start to chop:
My young seeker of the economic fun filled adrenaline fueled style. We make sure our leaders understand how to find baskets to trade with for their specific baskets cases that they lead over. So they can turn on a light, fly a flag, or tute a horn for free enterprise to look over there their might be an egg for you basket. Along with this the stronger leaders who can do very good analysis can actually go with their free enterprises to places that have had the first two swings. Thus allowing the US to grow and expand and to also help the world grow and expand.
However, I stop chopping and warn. If we do not compete against the communist expansion. Their ideals of heavily restricted speech, one massive political control, one world currency and one world governments will take over. Yes, yoda, and yogi, therefore the force of the free soul does not yet need to be a force of tyrannical yet a hand in which is invisible and just lights the way with a bird and world emblem natural on its palm.

As such we have created a macro vague outline for a proper growth of the USA and for the economic offensive against poverty and starvation. Let the wealth of nations be spread through fair trade and proper economic balance of baskets. Not one centralized country doing it all. Competition is healthy and breads strength. So lets strengthen the world with some good old American economic offensive.

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