This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Basket Case study from Referrer number 1 of the big game.

The quiet Raver by Docy:
Where can you have a rave if it is quiet. Docy style.

Do you hear my call, leaders? We are growing at way to small a rate to stay a soverign nation and to save the world so each country can stay a soverign nation. The Marxists one political party, one currrency and one world government is sinister. No matter how much they hate us we are truly the light of freedom for all cultures to be free under their own contries and currencies. Do you hear me? We need to expand at a check able rate to the communist, 3% will not hack it.

I remeber the stories from the Monks libaries when freedom of speech and dissent to governemnt want not allowed in this world. We have come so far to allow the communists to beat us so hard. Do you hear me leaders?

You see there are economic baskets. These are the things that each country produces. Most big countries like the US and China can produce everything at a comparative advantage if they are equated at equal levels. Therefore, if the US needs to create jobs it would be well suited to look for a country that has minerals that it owns by individual or state that uses to sell for currency. In which the US could then export things like shirts, cotton, computers, cars, and other things that country does not have. They can also take out loans based on their ability to use imports to create jobs and thus create products they can export to countries around them that need a basket case.

As such the basket case you goober smoocher.

Goober patrol man to goober patrol man 2.
How you like my use of goobering to find the smoochers you goober smoocher.
goobers on patrol!
Till  you are able under communist barrel able to make them put their guns down and join in the economic freedom, you are no  goober patrol man of me. Goober.
Goober I did not see you at church this weekend. I will have to make sure you sing a song of learner and the teacher.
The goober council says we have to stop the syncanized collapse of the US again, You know what that means goober, more PUNK ROCK AND BEEER AND HOT WINGS.
Get those punkers including yours truly working on those conservatives. Oh my god look at those children jumping around in their dirty panths and their leather jackets they want anarchy. Puck rock baby bring it on. Goober you know it is the only way we can get those greedy conservative extremists from collapsing this country via their greed of unfair trade with the communist like we had to do with the Soviets goober. Get on it, I want punk rock loud and clear baby.




I want those cages and underground boxing rings packed, I want kids skating hard and I want loud punk music.

I want those bike trails full of dam stupid bikers. All you darn salty dumb nuts we have to dissent the other way now or they the communist will collapse our economy with their darn SOE's and darn forced economy.

I love freedom of speech!

I love Punk time. heheh. ooody is the king. I did not mean that of course you think you can mosh better than me. Give me my punk shares so the greedys do not kill our economy even further than the poor communists thinkers.

Not to much though we want to leave the balance in proper. Then we can push even harder for the freedom of music and skate boards along with right to speak:
I like the new players lets get them started before the government gets to extreme for their party and we can't hold freedom checks against them. As an I we need to keep them both in check we do not want extremes. So lets rock baby.
Lets Ride baby.
Got is time to hit the tracks again. PAPA haS the minerals lined up for proper growth of the USA and Free Socities. Now you have to do the proper legal battles, to obtain them and help those countries grow through trade for their security. GROOOOOOOOOOOW.

Bring me something pretty. Like a country owning their own soul with state or individuals. In which gives them a surplus so they can trade with out free enterprises. I expect the proper growth rate. This 3% growth rate is going to get you in trouble. Do you understand me you babies.
We have tons of land that is not owned by individuals and many places for cities. Yet you allow the communist to expand while we starve and grow at an unexceptable rate. You will grow or my theory will be really good.
Grow babies grow:
Team 1o1 stir it up.

You see it is time for the Cool cats crew with 200 free enterprises to enter. However, Unlike the Communists we will allow them to keep their surpluse of minerals all we want to do is to trade with their baskets we do not want to conquer their lands. So cool cat's you on board or does Papa have to start whipping? Communist have 100 enterprise we take 200, You know guardian style.

Do you need loans, some baskets, some machines what you need to develop and secure yourself's economically?
They do not call me Papa for nothing.
Who is Who?
Docy style:
Now that is style darling. Just new and unique but moving freedom forward.

God Rest our Senator Stevens and our Representative Gabby who have died in the line of fire. May this country remeber them as leaders in their areas of expertise. May the Killers of both come to justice under a swift hand of punishment. Then again if we used our best technology of repair via cell tech we might be able to repair Gabby. Yet Senator Stevens burned alive in an Alaskan flight. May we use the best most secret technology to get Representative Gabby on her feet. How good is our brain technology? I know we can repair cats hearts via biolgocial technology. Have we spent enough of our values on brain technology too. I mean it should be simple to recreate the part of her brain that was hurt if she is still operational from that sad person who wrongly used his rights of defenses as an offense. Then again how many taxes have we lost to communist economic warfare. When we could have been using it to save US citizens under duress of death, like our Represenative Gabby. I mean she was like me a dog. Why do we not have the funds to help her? Our deficits have hurt us to much. I know we can create it we just do not have the funds to proliferate it because of unfair Marxists economics. It is not fair that our people are deprived so the country who believes in tryancy can expand and we are starved from our values and our high technology with a 4 year trade deficit. If we had not gone so far in debt to the communist we could stand strong right now with reproductive gene therapy. In which we could recreate parts of the brain like we have already recreated part of the heart. God I wish that no one use their rights of defense for hurting folks. Represenatitive Gabby was just like me on the opposite side, that scares me. I want technology that can reproduce brain tissue and proper guardians for leaders that are threatened. This is the USA.

I mean lets break this down form the heart tissue reproduction to the brain reproduction. If we could get brain tissue from her find out the proper strategic allignment of cells. And we have already done the proper reproduction of static storage in the brain of each cavity. Then we should be able to take her DNA and cell arrangment to be able to reproduce any parts of her brain that are not currently storing data and static for memory or for giving direction to the brian. I mean if we had the proper surplus of trade in our country and the proper necessary budge expindutires we shoudl have by now been able to spend that kind of money for this countries health care. How fare behind on our trade surpluse and technological deficit are we. I mean if we can reproduce a heart we should be able to reproduce specific parts of the brain tissue that have been decoded to act in certain specific allignment with the rest of the body. How far behind are we on our budgests that health care becomes this bad that we can't reproduce organs properly. I meann lets see Germany and China have been able to reproduce and cloan whole animals based on DNA and also doing heart reproductin via DNA. Yet, were is the USA on this matter. As the communist use their massive SOE's and Germany is allowed to use communist bank owernship of Business. Ye the free world is allowed to starve while these communist areas are allowed to flurish.

I mean when are some leaders with some where with all of our country going to come to furishion and stand up to these transitioning communist countries and say transition already you are causing the world harm! What is up with this?

I mean becuase they are kicking our asses again. They are developing the world for them to gain positive capital inflows again. While the US and Free Socities die off to allow communist leaders like the EU, France and right wing Hunagary party has. So who is going to stand up and say no we believe in freedom of economics. You are not competeing fairly and we wish it to stop. Those so.

I mean how bad does our deficit have to get before someone stands up and rights the economic wrongs that have been placed upon this world of countries SOE's and banks being allowed to be wielded as economic state craft business while the free enterprsies of the free enterprises have to be hurt and the free countries have to be riddled with debt?

You just come pick me up give me my six shooter and I will straighten this all out. Plus, I want some good Port of Call music playing. Maybe even a Docy production if you can find it, and I will bring back the USA and free socities to full strength against the communist party./

I mean they killed on of my culture the middle folks and you weak SOB's with your poor communis attidudes can't still tell me if he was brain washed by technology that we know exists. I mean can you even properly tell if he was brain washed or not or should all the middle folks worry about death? Do you even have a brain washing detection team?

I mean after Hitler and Stalin using both brain washed teams to try and derail the i of freedom. You would think that we would have the proper technology to capture brain waves and reproduce them as images. But no we had to help the Chinese communist expand economically for taking over the world so they could get their one world currency and one world government.

I mean how perefect a hit for the communsit can those be. A plane attacked by high tech weapons with a Senator with Top Secrety clearance to a special weapons program. In which I would check his new replacement as the old guard was taken out for espionage with children and familes on that plane who burned alive. I mean a Senator not being able to get on a proper plane unlikely. Then a Representative who was a draw vote for a very powerfull vote, then dies by the hands of a person who is a loner, perfect for nano technological brain washing and he some how kills the worst political kill of all a leader, a judge and a child. While you all sit there and chase college students and farmers with guns. Any one buerlar do we have brain washing teams checking this young criminal out as he is still alive? Have we scanned his brain yet? Come on now that is a Brady Campaign dream to take away guns.

Here is the best part of all this. The last extremist Germany theorist in the Soviets was able to complete a program in which they could use sound waves to manipulate  the brain.. Then the new Communist party in power the Chinese have created nano technologica speakers that can easily be placed in the ear without anyone finding it or nowing of it. Yet we still have no team that can take a brain find brain waves and find out how they were spiked and in what areas of the brain they had been spiked for brain data collection analysis. Mainly becase we can't even afford to spend money on our DOD as we are cutting 78 Billion from them right now. Like we cut more than that during the last .com recession during Clintons years. While the communist trotted on moving forward at a growth rate of 5-10%. Compared to our 2-3%. Yet still our really bad analists think we are a head in years of the communist when in reality any cyber knight can tell you we are years behind them in high tech wafare due to economic warfare.

Of Couse then again most of our leaders could not pass physics yet along quantum physics so why would they care that we do not have enought money for our high technological defense or health care systems. If you can hear me when I call. this is the 7th time now.

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