This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is our potential output and what is the target unemployment?

What is our potential output and what is the target unemployment?

As most countries even free world countries use Keynesian economics to create target unemployment and maximize potential output; how come the US has not come up with a plan to maximize potential output and stabilize at a target unemployment rate? I would guess that is because the plan that was being planned on for that was the health insurance service bell curve. Which will take us through another boom bust peak cycle vicious cycle. However, since the conservatives do not like the idea of forcing folks to pay lost of money for insurance since we all already have basic insurance through medicare and state medical aids, I think that is going to change. However, the other plan was the green technological advancement. However, that was washed out by bad economic leadership as we spent over 80% on foreign countries to gain positive capital income while the USA just created negative capital inflows.
As such what now is the US's goal and plan for a target unemployment rate and potential output?
The Plan I would propose would be to target unemployment at 4% like the communists have. Thus we would have to drop the unemployment rate 5.4% which would have to take a serious economic offensive to do that in the world. As the communist just went on a rampage through the world with over 100 free enterprises and our leaders did not out do them. I am working on placing a fire under their bums to get their butts out there and do it. Oh ya if you think that is unrealistic you need to step down and get out of your leadership position. As there is a huge world out there that needs to be developed with lots of starving people. Don't make me come up there again. I will not take a percentage point less than 5%, and i am about to tell you exactly how many jobs you need to find, and you are not to rest till you find them. We currently have around 30 million unemployed. That is a little off however, the number will do for targets. I want that dropped down to. Sit down shut up and listen to my words spoken in your head, you understand me. I want 15 million jobs. You best get to it. That means our basket needs to grow much more than 2-3% as our leadership has allowed us to grow so far. This means at that rate we will need to step up our rate and grow at a 6-8% grade. This is a health growth rate for a country with the land mass the size of ours and with a completely healthy population not at civil war.
You want to know how I plan to do it. Ok I will tell you, keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Here we go. I want a complete analysis on the growth of the communist via their unfair free trade agreements. Then I want a complete check. If they moved into a country we move into a country. If they went to Taiwan with 100 business folks we go in. Before we go in we find out what is in our basket that might benefit them and that we might find a good thing to trade with them. Then we gather the proper people who might be able to trade with their baskets through free trade and we go and make a business trip over there.
Along with that the way I plan to surpass the communists is through the anti-trust warfare campaign. In which the communist have shot themselves in the foot by not allowing rare earth mineral exports and then lieing about their not wanting to create more of them even though they ramped up their mining for specific SOE's like Annsteel to go out and devour countries market places. As such we go and find countries with the same rare earth minerals we have and we teach them how to create an interior trade surplus and currency account surplus by either their own citizens own their own land or the state doing it. I would prefer an individual free enterprise company but hey that is not up to us. Then once those countries are on their way to trading necessary minerals and have a necessary trade surplus, as the communist currently own 93% of the worlds rare earth minerals thanks to weak free world leaders and their non economic opposition to communist expansion; we can then ;lol, start trading with them as we would have been the ones who had created their surplus unlike the Communist who want to come in with their massive SOE's and take other countries lands for their own use without allowing them to gain and own that countries own lands. We can also come in with our free enterprises if they would like and help them mine through a sharing of the profits as the communist will no longer be allowed to purchase anymore mineral rights or the poo is going to hit the fan.
Another way to do this is to find countries that want to expand that can become centers of trade for the region. Much like the communist are doing with Iran. Iran really does not have a comparative advantage in anything. However for its region they do. Thus the communist are helping expand Iran while keeping the US and other free world societies out through back door pushing of wishing to check little Israel. Therefore, we could go into the middle east, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America or even the islands. In which we could then find a strong country to help obtain international loans as the Communist FDI is way beating ours. If we do not have the financing for that we could find international loans for them to help them gain loans. In which we could then strategies that we start trading with them to get them on their feet. In which they can go inot a deficit like Iran did but then come out on top for their region, as Iran now as a trade surplus for their region. Therefore, the country we chose or countries if any of lilly wearing boot lickers have any wherewithal, could then start trade with their region as they would have loans to pay. Which would as capital societies work start to cause the best and more proven from of spreading of wealth, the push to pay ones bills. Therefore, we would start to see the US obtain its goals of unemployment and of its need to create 15 million jobs.

Hey you goober smoocher (communist) papa is back and is tired of your lies and deceit. It is on like space ship sitting at the end of the solar system that looks like a planet, I mean moon that is watching us from being overtaken by a world that was overtaken by theories like Karls Marx's. Prepare to have your enslavement one political, one currency wishing, one world government wishing poo licking butts whipped by papa.

Rider I
For my leaders I know you can do that. We have done it before when the communist where expanding at a massive rate instead of taking care of their domestic necessary needs. You lilly licking hand holders, put you Dukes up and lead or shut up and sit down.

You panty wearing lillies (no offense ladies, this is to get the boys testosterone going so they can get out there and bring home the bacon, as of late our leaders have not been champions of economics with 3 service bell curves allowing the communist to kick our butts through each vicious cycle). Like I was saying you panty wearing lillies. This should will also stop the vicious reliance on the service bell curve that is allowing every one of the free societies to be overtaken by the communist party by creating a bigger lower class and more unemployment with less jobs as we do not compete at a comparable level for international development. Thus, we lose this cycle, as my last idea the green technological stimulus was crushed by bad advice. Thus this time my plan can go on and create more production jobs, food jobs and the such. In which countries can obtain a new source of energy from the vigor of Mr. ..... . As I prepare this country to defend from a possible on coming economic implosion attack that I might have hacked out of the MSS data base along with the GRU data base. Maybe, maybe not, then again I do not know how to hack or cloak anything. So um, ya get to work.

And for the guardians you better keep those communists from smacking us into another way where we bleed out economics and strong backs due to no jobs and families to take care. In fighting some farmers and college kids with death wishes and Ak's and bombs becomes more important than feeding our countries economics which is necessary to help fight extremists. And if I find out that any communist agent was responsible for any terrorist attack that stops my country from expanding I will introduce them to my pet gargol, it does not like evil people, but it does like vanquish evil souls.

I want a fair economic competition you lilly suckers or get out of my government and go back to sucking on lillies what is the point of you leading this country if you can't help provide for it with stewardship and proper shining of the light for our people's free industries and free enterprises. So fight to compete or get out of the way and go back to sucking on lillies. Again no offense for people who like to suck on lillies. However, I need some testosteronial leaders who want to bring home the bread for their people through good leadership. Again you do not have to force them. However, you tell a free enterprise that I believe you might be a good fit for our international economic expansion campaign and development of the world. Trust me they will be like yes, I think I am.

Here is a very horrible outline for the speech that will turn around the US's growth process and bring 15 million jobs along with multiplier employment back to the US and free societies. and no Communist China you are not considered a free society.
Let me write the speech for you. In these times of tough economics, we have all stuck together and hung in there. I am here to tell you know, that we have a unemployment target rate of 5% we a projected strategy to create over 15 millions jobs. The People of the United States have long been able to help countries develop into full civilized worlds. We can see Germany, Japan and China are at the top of the lists that the USA helped develop based on their economic strategy. As such we are going to do it again. This time we are going to find areas of the world that need development and we are going to start trading with them. This should take about 2-3 years to get going. So lets build a civilized world, feed the poor and create more jobs for United States citizens, and the international communities.

I am tired of poor people in the world poor people in my country and we are not doing anything about it when we could be doing a lot more through trade and economic offense.

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