This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Economic Reality is controlled by Three forces

1. Economic Forces (the invsible hand) like trends, scarcity, necessity advancments etc.
2. Social and Cultural forces, like certain areas do not allow alcohol, movies or dancing so that is a force
3. Political and Legal forces, like the Communists use of their SOE's to legally destroy free markets.

For example what I have been seeing in really bad economic reports from some high up names is an inability to properly input all Economic Realties into their reports. For example, a report that states it is ok to allow the communist to compete unfairly because they are developing the world faster and thus allowing the communsit to gain power and strength; leaves our the political and legal analysis of economics. Or a report that says the communist should be allowed to have 80 SOE's outside of defense and minor other areas. Also then does not take into account the fact that those SOE's take away from free enterprises marke shares in the world, thus creating more force for the communists free enterprises to take international marketplaces because their domestic market place is not available as per communist SOE market sharing laws. Which by free world standards in my non professional economic analysis opinion is illegal via anti-trust laws.

I keep seeing half witted reports that our leaders rely on in the economic world that create hug loop wholes and cause massive problems for freedom. This is primarily because either the economists do not understand Economic Reality or they have not studied Marshallian economics. Which tries to actually update Smithian and Lockean ideas to show how Marxism ideas cause huge detrements to both Smithian and Lockean ideas of economics. As such through very bad economic analysis we see the consequences. The communist have expanded, massively. While causing the US to have to compete for their own domestic market shares on the defenese while the US and free socities can barely mustar an offense of economics to compete for international market shars of real developing worlds besides the communist world. This thus has caused the US to be delt a massive blow through deficit financing which time in and again has caused us to rely on a service bell curve, which crashes as the employment mutipler curve booms then busts. Thus each time we crash the communist are able to place us on our heels in our own domestic market shares while they obtain more international market shares of true developing countries, and obtain strategic economic infrastructures of the free world. Thus allowing them to stay on the offense. In which the US's best offense has been servie industries over the last three recessions of the savings and loans, .com's and the mortage. In each we were barely able to recieve any positive capital inflows, while receiving massive amounts of negaitive capital inflows. In which thus cause a massive credit crunch as when the bubbles burst each time, there is no actually postive capital inflows in the macro and we are left with only negative capital inflows which leave the US with less ownership of their labors as citizens or as individuals, as the communist move into so called give us jobs, in reality they are just using a key financial economic warfare term know as turning around.
This horrible economic reporting of the last 30 years has been primarily based to the inability of the economists to understand that Smithina and Lockean economics is not well placed with Marxism. Which Marshallian economics taught through the Economic Reality principle.

Thus, the US has to now turn the page and start doing actual Economic Reality reports to show that if we do not start to compete for more postitive capital inflows and more ability to use butter to develop real developing countries, the communist will have a foot hold and will easily disband our free world like we did with the Soviet's communists world. We may have won the battle against the Soviets communist world grip. But in doing so we are losing the war to the Chinese Communist grip and their new massive powerhouse of the BRIC. In which the central international communist parties wishes to use to turn pivotal communist wars in each country to a winning streak. Much like the Soviets planned with China, as a big country. Now the Chinese communist plan to turn back Russia to a communist politribo, keep conforming India to a polititribo and help Brazil finish thier politibro satellite rankings.

As such, I have to say I am so dissappointed with the economic national security plan of economic sin eating. Along with the allowance of the Chiense Communist Economic Blitzkrieg strategy with so much as not even a proper display of check and balance. As we see the Communist leaders constantly leading their freee enterprises into international market places so their massive SOE' can be built up at home for future socialization to communization. While we see our leaders such as Chief and Commander Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton barely taking any free enterprises of the USA to foreign lands to try and work our export contracts for US positivce capital inflows. Again primarily because of weak national security economic analysis., based on false reliance of Smithian and Lockean ideas as the proper equation as placed through Marshallian Reality of Economics is not used.

So that is were I come in. A young man waching all this trying to get to the top to change it. Some want to be president, some want to be Senator, I just want a gun and the ability to find what I need to find, and make sure folks listen when I talk.

Rider i
USA Voluntary Economic Marshall's possible dig if interested.

Without using government access, I need a read through of all Marshallian Economics text books do not create a list. Find anyone discriminating against them in the world. I find that Marshallian economics might be slipping in our lead economists views of economics. As such, I would gather as I have seen a huge rise in Karl's Marxist sinister one world domination theory being taught. I would bet that Marshallian economics is in decline. As such we need to find out who, what, when, where and why. Thus then find a solution on how to get it back into the mainstream of national economic leaders and security analysis. Good luck this is a good willed nature and voluntary program. So figurments come out of the good of the spirit for free will, freedom of economics and the understand of Karl Marx's sinister one world domination theory. Good luck, if you need my help send a lady bug with an blue and red dot and I will get back to you on what I think you already are going to need help with on mental cognition brain block breaking. The problem is that I believe no other valid economic theory actually calls for violent overthrow and complete enslavement of a species of living organisms. It is the only last valid theory of enslavement still working and being used in governments.


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