This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Macro economic policty to bring back the USA's surplus.
I one to Genghis Khan come in Gengy,

The macro policy has explained in my side of my mental studies that it is time to show the light on the communist and how truly they need to be competed against. The idea of the macro policy should be that the communist are not longer the teenager on the block. This should start by their free world socities that they are are on acknowledging their huge massive economic abilities and to show the simalatires between US cities and Communist cities. As such showing that they are not a developing country anymore. We are doing a good job on the currency push. However, I am afraid that under bad economic leadership the new house and the Senate will not pass the Communist Currency manipulation act, which is one of their weapons in their economic arsenal.
I do not think we shoudl tariff them a lot however, protection against Marxist one world domination is necessary. Until at the time and point when all countries have free enterprises and the governments with povertly level market shares. So that governments can not wield massive SOE's or centralized economics and the world can be a free market with individuals and corporations competeting fairly under country and world competetivenss fairness laws. This is thus we have allowed their idea of the use of massive sized SOE's in all industries and with massive cartelling inside of those industries will fully crush the free markets and our abilities to compete via freedom of economics. As no individual firm can compete against military intellegence and weapons, and assissans no matter how cool they think they are.
As such, we need to show and pin point that idea that the Communists SOE's are creating an unfair competition in the world. Along with that fact that now they have more billionaires in their country than any other country. Along with more competitive free enterprises. As such there is no need for them to keep any SOE's in the major industrial secotrs like manufacturing, food, or otherwise historical free industries.
They are moving fast, they just swept Greece, and many areas of the EU, with help from infilitrated Maoist communists. They have in's on both sides of the spectrum and are out for another Soviet style economic empire.
As such we need to turn from guns to butter and start developing via trade and massive competitive legal campaigns against the communists SOE's, cartels and monopsonic contract aquisition. We can't just sit here and keep letting the pup who is no longer a pup strike us economically. As they will find the juggaler at sometime.
Therfore, Gengy we need a turn in mindshifting to a more competitive atmospher and a less oh poor Communists attidude that I have seen since I was a child. I have the key, I won the dull, so lets be cool and follow through with this idea of freedom of economics started way back when by some monks and some templars. Which means fair trade, and competition, not one world order's. New world orders are mutiplicty of culture, diveristy of currency, soverignty of nations, and most importantly couperation and fair competitive market places.

Rider I
Gengy, try and be cool.

Chinggis Khaanii Magtaal. all soft no hard, understood. I just want to compete with them I do not want hurt people in this matter. Just fair comeptition to develop the world in a faster manner as only two major rivals can do. I am having Aphrodites trace you to make sure you to not fly off the handle got it.

ACHTLAND you follow her. Make sure you do not make yourself known to Gengy, I know you love his hair and his massive size but you are there for back up, not for hair time.

Good Luck Gengy I expect a full investigative report on the matter. I have the ladies trailing you incase you raise your voice at someone, as I know there is not man in this planet that can stop you when you are in the war mode. So ladies, as I know your relationships with Gengy, have fun if gets mad, and be nice.
No brushing hair or talking about fashion till after the report is in, you three.

Gengy make sure the comparison of the Communist v. the US and other free socities is of the cities. Along with a seperate rural comparison of the communist and the US and othe free socities or so called developing countries. Then do a urban poverty indicator. I do not see how the US could not be considered a developing country if the communist are considered a developing country. I mean we have kids here with no school books, people here need too, and this is our country, and Gengy like you know we take care of our own and compete so we can take care of others. Lately we have been taken so much care of the communist which is being worked on by me and Zeus and Athena, that we are so far in deficit that our savings are almost gone and our defenses are being closed down and cut, along with our civil service and justice service. All becuase our leaders do not have our spirit anymore, so I say we incpet them to our competitive spirit of the under dog.

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