This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to fullfill my hearts desire and pursuit of happiness.

Next to this lady I know, my family, my future grandchildren and farm, my country, God and Jesus and Buddha the I trinity LOL, and some other things this is what makes me tick.

As a well understood young man, I understood rootology. I understand enough that if you wanted to know it all you must learn how to hack at the highest level. As anything you want to build or understand is held in this world of computers. Thus, the most powerful intelligence is hacking, or cryptology. Thus, I then also found that there are things outside of this world of intelligence that are also important. Thus these things I figured can be fixed by the old monk teaching of if a plant or tree is dying and can't produce fruit. Start the roots and work your way up. This is true of any theory, thought, or policy.
As such I was upset when I graduated into an economy that could not provide me my previously traced wages, as there was no jobs paying that. I then did a trace and found that all of the service bell curve workers in the mortgage industry had moved to my industry. Thus as per supply and demand laws or Marshallian, bling star, theories the wages went down. Therefore, that strategic plan of moving in with my girlfriend who is Vietnamese had to be reworked. I was pissed let me tell you.
Then I found a job one month after I graduated college because of my stellar resume and educational achievements. Thus, I then worked my heart out dearly for my firm. In which I would in the middle of the night be beckoned and I would go. Be beckoned across the nation and I would go gun, tooth brush and min laptop in hand. I had seen everything from 20 hour shifts, to early morning flights, to spending time in Hospitals pulling protection and intellectual work. It did not matter. I worked so many hours that before I was laid off when the work went very slow, I am actually now making more on unemployment than I was able to obtain the last pay periods of my employment. This upset me too. As I had a plan in which I had obtained enough vacation hours to take time off to take my LSAT and then go to school part time or full time. However, I was laid off. Thus that plan had to change too. So I was pissed off and have of late felt that upsettings.
Therefore, I have a new plan. My new plan is to try and get an MA in Economics. Then I will try and obtain and MBA and a JD in law. So when I go to advise Chinese business on American markets or US business on Chinese markets I will be taken seriously. As I want to be a huge rival of the Communists Parties SOE's and their massive buildup of deadly doom conglomerations. As such the Chinese Free Enterprise and the free worlds free enterprises are going to need me to be fully capable of, analyzing economics, management and law. So we can fold up that SASAC through sheer competitive competition of free enterprises that will prove that those SOE's are a detriment to the world and that China no longer needs those dinosaur weapons of the cold war era.
However, why does one do what makes them happy. Some people live for their weekends or nights. Some people live to see their children grow up, some people live to hate, some people live without even carrying what the next day will bring. I on the other hand love competition. I want to compete against things that I think are unfair. There are a lot of things I could have done. I thought of twice joing the military. However, then I thought the only way they are going to get me to let some dumb drill Sergent who could probable not even hack a toaster to yell at me would be to place me on special opts. However, I decided that I would be better able to help my country fight against the smarter of the two world problems. Which as I saw. I saw the extremist when they came and hit our country. However, I saw deeper. As I have been watching communists since I was a kid. I saw what I thought to be a very well played maneuver of possible cognition created by a force other than the actual Osama Binladen figure. I knew that the USA did not attack itself. That was impossible. As I know folks in certain areas and they would slit someones throat in a heart beat if they found out they killed American women and children for some stupid plan. They are pretty high up. Along with that I know some pretty good hackers who really walk through walls, who would also make sure those folks knew if someone did or was going to hurt US American women and children. I know the USA could not do it.
Thus, I looked further. I did not see the so called Illuminati theory as they are well infiltrated by American Patriots who would cut their livers out and feed it them if they found out that they did anything to hurt an American child. What I did see though was a very upset son of a rich man. Looking for some way to show his father that he was a King too. A very educated man, who did not like that fact that the Communist tried to take over his land, then he did not like the USA meddling in his business.
Then I thought no that is wrong. That Terrorist Osama is way to educated. He knew if he attacked us we would come in harder and meddle more in their affairs. In which Osama is not the savior of the middle east but actually the destroy himself. Thus, I saw a dark shadow in the trace. Which I can't prove however, am not dumb.
That dark shadow in this world is what I have decided to take on. Not the puppets, the poor, the ones who's families or friends have been lost in miss placed bullets, or the college students who just want something to go against. But the real enemy of freedom. Those who do not want to share power, with something or some other that has the same power as them. That is what I saw. I do not fear suicidal bombers, as they send me to heaven. I do not fear rich boy puppets, as I can trace them and take everything from them and watch them cower while I watch every move they make and wait till the best time to make sure they do not slither away when it is there time to come to the public for their warmongering crimes. In which caused more war and more death than if they would have done it properly through peace, and legality over a proper cognition period.
I fear those that are like me. Those know everything. Yet, on the opposite of me in which I wish for diversity, freedom for all, no one world rulers or currency, differences, and most of all more freedoms for the individual than the government. Thus my opposite are those that follow the book of Marx. They have been from the full blown communist to the socialist known to wreck havoc on freedom and peace. Those I fear I trace. When I trace I trace well.
It just did not make sense to me such an educated man. Would have to have known that if he attacked the US one of the strongest genomes pool of individual seekers of freedom through folks who had enough in their genes to leave their countries to seek individual freedom in the US. It is impossible that he did not strategize this far ahead. I mean such a person who would have been able to complete that strategy to kill so many in such a free country, who the majority did not even know or want anything to do with the middle east at the time of the attack.
The only logical thing I could come up with was THE COMMUNISTS PARTY. The root, of which probable was able to show them that if you do this, then the USA will come to your area and build your country in which your will get to hurt them not only physically but more importantly economically. This idea of a bleeding war has been a well known strategy of the communists. Russia and China used the strategy in both Korea and Vietnam. In which they did not have to use many of their troops but yet could use other countries troops to due the task of bleeding the US economically. In which would allow them to surpass the free world as it fought with its sister liberty to stop so called terrorism or expansionism of tyrannical ideas of governance. This was then done specifically so the communists could catapult far infront of the free world in high technological advances. As the free world would have to spend numerous amounts of value and lost opportunity costs on troops and bullets and care for our human lifes fighting against those they so dearly think is the root problem. In which I hope that their Generals remind them that they are not just there fighting bad folks but they are also there to bring freedom and safety so those citizens of the torn countries can become a as civilized as the other middle east countries.

 Thus as a cold war buff and goober patrol, I wanted roots. I do not want death as my soul can kill but I do not, and have never wished for such a cognition. I want my enemy to see what I see which is freedom and liberty. Thus my enemy is not the Chinese or the people of China but a theory of the books of Marx locked in a building with citizens of China who believe with all of their hearts that the free societies need to be under control of the one political party of the communists. If they exists that is my enemy, as they do not wish to share power properly and equally with another, which is feudalistic style social governance which causes more pain and suffering for the people than good. I do not know. The MSS and GRU could be more Democratic/Republic two party sharing than I am. They could even believe in more freedom than I do, as I like freedom but I do believe in government intervention on some matters.
As such what I do know is this. The Chinese Communist Party have gone back on their contracts of reforming out of a communists state. As they are still proliferating massive unfair SOE's in which cause huge detrimental problems to free enterprises of China and the international community, basically for Communist dominance as even the citizens of China and the free enterprises of China do not care much for them taking their ability to compete for market shares.
So I decided I would try and figure out how to complete the contracts and of oral and written that the Communists signed and agreed that stopped the Generals of Nixon's time from going holocaust as we were losing to many soldiers to an army that was run by foreign dictation and not domestic will. However, this pulp blog post is out of time of course. I must go back and show patter. I went to school to learn and retrain my brain so I could accomplish my goals. Thus I moved further and further up the ladder. Until I reach the top and at my level could go no further. Thus, I know must move to the next ladder which is graduate school. In which I will be able to help compete against the last remaining economic cold war weapons of the communists their SOE's.

As such I move for the raising the USA's and then as cognition calls for the free world's economic educational understanding. I will do this via normal competition of volunteer time philanthropy.

The question that flusters me every day is:
Are we doing exactly what that Terrorist and his massive cognition creation to the world along with the Communist want us to do. By furthering Anti-American rhetoric in the international community so we can get less trade, and by spending more cognition and value on constantly fighting against something that is just making the fire bigger. What we started will take a lot longer that what we will have to give if we do not start fighting back economically to sooth tensions through economics. How are we supposed to stop terrorism with guns and war when that is exactly what feeds it. Again I love my country and I am all for us being there. However, I see it as we are doing what they want us to do. Creating hatred for the US and Free societies while fostering more trade with the our opposition.
That is why I asked for more Russian cooperation and was glad and loved to see that Russia marched with the world. I hope they keep helping out with the war on terrorism and understand they also have their own style of terrorism to worry about too. Along with China.
Have we created a cognition against the US so much that it is affecting our ability to maintain a proper expansion of domestic inner growth and helping of the world to develop, I mean look at Africa alone. The Communist party and their SOE's have completely dominated out the US and free societies helping of them. Which instead of a fair competition between rivals has just allowed one country to do most of the development. I say most as we are helping them, but the Communists SOE's are just to uncompetitive for free world business or even other developing world business.

I do not know. I know I like economics and I want to help Chinese and US plus other companies fight against the future tyrannical beasts of economics their conglomerating SOE's. Which will take away from the spread of wealth as it will centralize it within the Chinese and Communist party making it harder for other countries to compete in markets that those SOE's collapse then devour.

Phys wars, cyborgs v. clones, satellites v. space fighters, communal non personal owernship v personal owernship, Jesus or Allah. Just why can't people play fair with each other.

The real report should be how to keep diversity but lose extermities.

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