This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to get screwed by the system.

First, grow up being taught by a father that teaches to question everything and to become the strongest intellect you can be.
Second spend your life trying to create cognition through an instrument and waves of electricty.
Thirdly abide by the law in which you where taught.
Fourthly go to school and work back breaking jobs at odd hours and for horrible pay.
Fifthly finally graduate into a recession get into the industry you want and find out it is a sweat shop.
Sixthlty have everything you had been hoping and praying for taken from you by your sweet shop employer.
Then when they hire other people who are less experienced and you have to start training the do it and be polite and nice about it.
After that speak out and say your rights about what you think as an individual is illegal and what can be done about it.
Then get laid off, or probable retailated against.
Create a blog cite to try and better your countries macro economics. In which you dissent against the worst and anti-political sharing party int he world the communists.
Next, do something about it and walk around a piece of paper explaining exactly what is happening to the roots of the US economics as economic warfare.
Then after walking the walk, and being laid off.
Have the system screw up your unemployment 3 times so you recieve one check out of the 4 you where supposed to get. Even though you know that you filled them all out correctly.

So should I implode and pick up some steriods and and a baseball bat and start to trace criminals who are hurting innocent people by stealing from them, shooting them, raping them and human trafficking and find thier general and his stash of currency?

Should intellect up go out and get loans and pay interest because there are no jobs for me and the system can't help me as it keeps screwing me over. Then go back to school and look back someday and go woa I was reallying being screwed over by a lot of people and I held my own and did the proper thing and moved forward?

I think I will try and take out loans and get back into school.

How to get screwed over by the system by the Rider I
2 years I have seen people get unemployment. I work my butt off literally working an extra week and a half a month for my employer. I go to school and get so educated that I can do a lot and am a very productive part of society. Yet, I can't even get the basic necessity to survive, because the forms keep being messed with.

That is how to get yourself screwed by the system. Ask questions figure it out do something about it then create a life goal around the problem to fix it and use the 1st Amendment.

So I am going to call Sallie Mae and try and get some more loans to get back into school.

For all those people in this country and in this world. Do not allow yourself or anything else to implode you that is what they want you to do. Pick up the phone go to the nearest college and get into school and find a new study and educational field to enter and provide. There is no reason to go Boondocking on anyone. There is a lot of programs in this country that can help you. Were one fails, like unemployment or your industrial sector another can help you. Take the feeling of implosion and wish to cause enemies and extravert that negativity and turn it into something positive like a degree in a field that can help you earn money. It may be hard it may even be darn right degrading at times with the kind of work that you have to do. However, just work your way up, and when they slam you down to the ground and try and stop you from earning a living. Just smile and say that is ok I can now take this path because I live in a great country.

Go to school you knuckle heads.
Meet me a the cage ripper, I have some energy I need to relase and some new defense techniques I want to practice.

To the ivory tower and the boxing rings. I will see you soon mo fo's

Live love, and turn your negative and anger into something postive. The best practice is to take their best strategy and turn it against them. If they try and implode you take that implosion harness it and release a positive energy towards a new direction and light.

Your are learnign Second hand experience right now on what happens to a person via an economic implosion theory.
Sallie Mae can't help me either. No Unemployment no Sallie Mae. I will keep trying.

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