This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The idea of cell manipulation in plants.

This is science at its roots.
As we have been able to reproduce organic structures of human organs using cell generation and organic 3d printing, we should be able to do the same thing with plane life. If we can figure the basic root elements of a  plant cell down to an atom. We should in essence be able to take the atorms and properly arrange them to also become a living plant. For example, we use now use basic human cells to create human organs and tissues. However, if we could bypass the idea of having to rely on a pre non ordaned cell structure and gain the insite of that no pre ordaned cell structure's non pre ordaned atoms, we might be able to actually recreate a plant out of thin air, as most atoms necessry for things are constantly found around us in smaller molecules. The idea has been practed for centrues in monk theology. That a powerfull meditator can gather atoms in the air and create what ever the mind wishes via its electrical impulses of the heart. There are few non monks wrote about that could do it. However, the monks that figured it out, stated that it was like understanding each and every thing around you down to the very sands of life. In which you could then figure out which sands could be placed together to create material objects.If we could harness this outline and use it to recreate life organically we might not need to ever have humans go hungery or worry about space travel if we could learn how to harness atoms to recreate a structured analysis of certain life forms. We would just have to break down the pre ordaned cells of plant and work with them as many of fellow brothering find the human preordaned cells to obscene to be worked with. Even though countries like China and Germany have surpassed us on cloning full material objects. Thus we could send technological machines in space instead of whole necessary living organic tissues into space. This can be done for oxygen too. As in space there are molecules, one would just have to figure out how to harness those molecules then restructure them to create organic chemicals and compounds.
Thus the reason why we are no longer a material based world trading system. Yet a system based on debt notes. In which every trade one person incurs a debt to another for a product. If I have a material holding a debt that was owed to me by another and you have a product and you wish to gain that debt then you will trade that product to me for the debt I hold. Thus the bill, or credit. Credit is just a bankers way of making more. This idea of taking atoms to create material has easily been done for solid non ogranic material such as metals, i.e. gold. In which the hutson river project was very good at doing. Therefore, we have moved away from the idea of a one world thing or material of trade. In which we know believe in you win or I win system. In which if you win you get my debt to you, if I win I get your debt to me, and we trade something in which you say you are indebted to me, in which I can then trade that to someone and say now I am indebted to the. It is a simple game of you win I win. There is no win win. It is a constant idea of indebtness and who is better at managing their credit or debts. Thus we find the reailty of economic warfare. We are the common, we are the free we are the shadow watchers.
We now need to take that idea and reproduce it for organic tissue matter for spefici use in long term space travel. In which life can be sustained for generations in a proper space container that has the proper atom creation machines for oxygen and organic tissue out of space atoms.

Rider I
we could also use this on earth to de carbonize the world. However, such matters would destroy civility as we know it and turn it inot chaos, as in understanding the basic structure of life comes such a freedom that all order and understanding of freedom would be lost to basic wants and consumptions making those wants and consumptions vod and null as there would be no scarcity to them. Such the power of knowledge and the burden of ancesstorial genomes. and no I am not the devil unless you are the easter bunny. Which in that case were are the eggs you own me you egg laying bunny?

The process of creating gold is easily done first you must                                                                      
with a number of components. The components needed are close to what is used in a
                                                                                                                                . The idea is that once you have heated the                                                                   then the cooling process will allow the
to form into a                        in which you then have too                                                   . After which time
you then remove the              . If it funny it is so easy to do. However, finding the components is hard to do and many person who as attacked a monk in order to obtain this has found themselves in harms ways once the components were trying to be assembled with full council consent.

The reason why wanting and needing is necessary in life long overtook me with grief and not understand why we could not just provide for everybody what ever they wanted. Them my studies of the communist came to be, and the realities of the human nature. Even if every human could have an atom machine which is much easier to assemble than an atom splitting machine as we can do here in the US as free spirits, which we may not create atom creating, replicating or combining machines freely. Trust me I have tried you get your butt whooped literally. However, time machines are still fair game I guess. Ok alright back to why the idea of need is necessary. In many books of religion it is spoke about the idea of carrying and sharing and human capacity. However, that would be defined nill and void, to the idea of all having everything. What would cause the human being to even think or try and be if they had what they wanted. What kind of ideas would come from a society that was not under some kind of scarcity or need or want? They would be none. Each would be content, if they needed a limb they would get it, if they need food they would have it. It would be heaven on earth. In which what would be do but over populate this planet, in which would we know how to recreate the atoms of a space ship that could take us off this planet if we did not build one. No we would not. Would we know about how to recreate a limb if we had not found first the DNA science of the last 20 years in which is still being created due to necessity. No we would not be able to recreate the necessry structures because we would not have known. Then again the scholar in mind states would not have it made it easier to advance things by just having basic structures and then abounding off of that. Come to find out the human nature is best at creation when at its lowest and most needfull, or even wishing to be boundfully happy above another. I guess it would be greed. I personally call it the natural need to compete in human beings. Whether it was for mateing, food or caving, the human being was made to compete with themselves. It is an idea that escapes me not anymore. To allow it to exist woul be to destroy human nature through contentions. At least to the point in which we have gathered enough data to diagnose and exam each element of this worlds living organic structure in which we can retrace and replace if need be. Then again with a few fool swoops the councils is gone and the genome secret is no longer. The problem is the contentions of the humans if we start using it now we might and will probable stop competeting and learning. If everybody had everything what would be the point? I would love to have it work for the poor and hungery. However, in the order of the universe it must stay a secret until we know all of our surroundings. We are very close to decoding every piece of material on this planet, that is common. I could not imagine a world in which it does exist as seeing its power myself brought greed and ideas of needing nothing and leading in end to nothingness, as i would have given till there was nothing but food and mateing to give.

How does one create something out of nothing. Is it because they can easily do it, or is it out of a created need or necessity that one creates for themselves. For me to perpell myself through life I have created a theory I believe will allow an idea of balanced opinions of civil government and economics to overtake or at least balance an opposing idea of what I believe to be is enslavement. These ideas were created based on the fear of my countries constant collapse then reclimb and the growth of the idea of the party who holds for enslavement. Thus I have created something out of nothing. How did Michalango create gold out of nothing. Was it because he felt the need to prove that anything can be done through art and science to stop the enslavment of the spirit and community via an idea of the divines words, or was it plain the ability to just see it.

Please do not take this as crazy, i is not again, in my professional career, i would not speak about such things. This is my place to come and think and express in peace about my ideas that I is not the complete time to complete however, someday wish to do. In this case more or less a trace book.

if we can use a similar atom transformer from the basic gold transformation, but more complex, then we would be able to create ships to travel in space, as each space cadet :) would be able to have thier own proton, electron, neutrons ane nuclei machines, i has seen crude drwaings used for steel creation for space haul repairs, looked similar to an advanced gold creating hand held machine.

i forgot i ave to speak in third person i not rider i is tired so i will edit for thied person tomorrpw

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