This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today someone stepped over the line and used our 2nd in offense.

I thus wrote the FBI in accordance with my collection on economic warfare and the ability of the US to keep up with its massive need for security since we have the most freedoms in the world. Here is what I wrote:

"Today folks were killed and a senator wounded. This is a sad thing. The begging of this year has been very bad. We had a biological attack in Arkansa, a dead intellegence officer in Britian, and a dead intellegence officer in Newyark Dr. Wheeler. Now we have got to get this online carnivore thing working much better so we can send watchers out to watch folks who online state they are going to say goodbye to everyone, or that they have extreme ideas for a certain individual with hate and malice. Thus I known carnivore is an ancient web crawler the FBI uses. Why have we not updated a program super computer in which can crawl web spaces and see possible domestic or foreign terroists and their actions. This could be easily done with the right super computer and the proper tracing programs. Which could if programed properly could trace the owners web space probable through ip address that is most attach to the web space then send a message to the police in that area of that person's possible worry. While then also cross analyzing any possible senators, or leaders in that area or any kind of vehicle that that person could use like an airplane or something, in which we could then also have watchers too. If someone tells me that we do not have the money then I will say well then we need to compete with the communists for the development of the world. Thus then creating more jobs and more taxes for more security and safety.
Rider I
I am sorry to hear that the folks died. I hope the kid gets the chair or a long life in prison. You might also want to look into possible high technological brain washing. There is now a nano technological abilit to create small speakers which can create sounds that create high stress in people already with ideas of oppression. Along with that it is well known that intellegence agencies of the world have the ability to use such tactics in sleep to actually create images and implace them. It is a interesting study of nano technology. There is a whole collection site on data on the matter.
Personally in these down times it sounds like a sad person, with no bright future.
Oh so if you tell me we do not have money, then I point to you our rivals and their massive expansion in the world while we grow at a puny rate of 3 percent becaues we are not competeting against them."

I am saddened by the death of a Senator who used her freedom to do what the majority of Americans do every decade and vote for a different side. She was a light to many people and an inspiration to the balance. I do not like Chief C's health care but there is a balance in which it can pass and still maintain its integrity. However, these extremist rights are just wanting to stop it all together. It is very sad day when someone abuses or most sensitive right the 2nd Amendment right to defense.

My love goes out to the Senator and those who died in an offensive maneuver by a very saddened individual that possible could have been stopped if the program I talked about above is implemented. I know they sent a watcher out after I blogged the Union blog.

Rider I
First is offense second is defense only and only reasonable force. Not some kind of warped idea of offense for defense, not that does not work that way.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of that incident. I know that the Senator herself was an inspiration to the balance and her being hurt or possible out of order is a serious threat to the balance of power. It takes a true US citizen to leave something behind and move on for what they think is better. That is what she did politically and she believed in it. I was all for her and reality is most US citizens do it ever decaded, as not even half of the citizens are registered voters the other half vote how they want based one extreme showins of politics.

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