This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ok please I am sorry about this. However as a rider this all I know how to do when things go wrong.

Another deficiency in our defenses systems. Our house of representatives do not have daily security forces with them. This is probable because of the costs. Also the Chief D is trying to cut 78 billion dollars from our defense spending, along with that our Chief C just cut our ballastic missile stock pile by about 1500 or so. While the Communists are expanding and more and more of the belligerent countries that do not like us are getting ballastic nuclear missiles. 1500 nuclear missiles after shields and surpresents gets downt o about maybe 10, and we have known that for a long time. Then we have such a huge leak on the inside that somebody is thinking of recreatign the atrocities of Vietnam by using biological warfare weapons again.
All along the communists have the biggest, most, and highest developed cities in the world. While we allow them to sit there are be called developing countries while they rank along at 10% of growth each year and the free worlds like our USA is barely starving at 3% growth. In a free country we need more defense, becuase our freedoms allow for more people to hate us. In  a communist country they can spend less in defense becuase they just shoot people in the head of they dissent.

We need the Cheif Dod to start creating jobs for our citizens without using massive unbalanced military spending to create a way to small of a capital inflow. As such the middle east our investment there will not accure to the capital inflows. While the communist world used us to secure their back yards for free, our backyards Mexico and Venezuela became civilly and politically closer to dissarray.

Our intellegence agencies went under attack from a news media. However, they did not balance it out to show how 3,000 Chinese Communist intellegence bases alone are in the US that is not including their allies who do not like us.

The blogsphere has become a place for suicidal notes and we still donot have a program to pick up on it. The terroist coming in from terroist camps are not properly being bugged to stop them while planning instead of actual carying out the plans.

These things all have a root cause. It is the basic idea of our rivals kicking our lilly butts. Again I am sorry, this is just what I know how to do when thingo bad. We need to stand up and fight back economically so we can gain more defenses not less. We are free freedom is expensive. Along with that we have leaders like the Cheif DOD who do not even fathom or understand how they can create jobs for their citizenry, or even better they say it is not their jobs. Then again they are our leaders. So who is suppsed to do it, the understaffed export federal agency, or a few to no govners, or our Chief C who can barely get us 50,000 jobs from India as the trade with CHina is way to uncompetitive. Or even better we get folks like Senator Reid who have allowed our high tech stimulus money to be spent on foreign countries to the tune of 80%. Then they want to use that money for political economic errosion tactics by giving $450 million of our tax dollars to a company that already has a protected home front via the communsits, unfair loans from SOE banks and plus the redphone line from the MSS.

I am sorry, this is a bad year for intellegence and it is only going to get worse untill we stop messing around with farmers and college kids with ak's and bombs and start getting in the ring with the big dogs. Very imbalanced. Trust me we leave those farmers and college kids alone and they will become the communists problems, as they are already getting better resource contracts than we are from our ideals of freedom of democracy/republic and free trade. Chasing after extreme islamic gangsters when the communists just expanded way past us in the free trade agreements and no free world society went to warn them about the consequences of going into free trade with a communist counry that is based on neo-mercantalist principles. Which does not help build but helps conquer, via negative capital inflows instead of positive capital inflows.

Forgive me for my blog posts, I am upset a person was killed because we COULD NOT AFFORD TO GET HER DAM SECURITY. At what point in time does a Rep get a security team after her house is broken into were her family and children are, after her life is threatened or after she decides to use her freedom to change political spectrums, all in my eyes would have called for a security team as she would have been a high target. And no Dems we do not need to raise taxes to secure our Reps we need to get jobs and compete out there in the big world against the communists without spending more on military than we take in on positivce capital inflows, which means exports.

Who did the reports on the ability of our country who stand strong against many countries to allow us to weaken our intercontenital ballastic missile stock piles and silo's.

Do we have to cloak and dagger again. I mean I am cloaking and daggering the economics game because it is way less dangerous. However, lets try a board game here shall we.

1500 nucs, how many countries on our opposition, how many abilities to destroy nuc's, hom many nucs do we have, standing alone as that is the communisgs end game through implosion and military infilitration to get us invaded, then how many nuclear weapons will be created in the next 10-20 years of the new communist power houses satellites as they sell emmense amounts of nuclear building material. Then tell me again, why are we doing what the communists want us to do that was leaked by a Soviet general for a very expensive car and house in the caribbean. anyone burlar was it your day off our what. ??

Rider I

In national soverignty and defense you never rely on allies for game boards. As a matter of fact game boards should be set up to where your allies can't, do not or destory to help. Thus again like I had to blue dot Heller case. I would run the game again, if you need my help to show you strategy on how relieving the US of 1500 intercontential ballistic missles is bad for soverignty based on a true communist end game strategy, then you send a car, hand me my gun and we will go.

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