This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

King James Perfect rendition of a monk class knight.

At last the challenge of the Rider is here again. Sounds of the calls of souls in the sleep so I believe are what is meant for a proper competition.

It used to start with a shock type test. The child was taken to rub the electricity through their rubbing of some kind of rough wool or other thing that would create a shock in the air. Then the child who had the proper markings of a monk class, as they used to believe in divine ism for certain classes, would be competed against us shock tests. In which the child who could create the biggest Sparta or shock in the knight was chose to be taught with the monks, or wizard class. They were then taught to know and understand everything in the kingdom from war, to social etiquette's of the time. As the child grew up they learned of the freedom of life, and sometimes found others themselves to teach the profession of the monk class knight. In which was illegal and the King did not want anyone smarter than him. As such these monk class knights of course obeyed their loyalty but found that over the centuries it was necessary to use their skills to actually watch those in power, like priests, kings and other powerful people. It is a really interest move line i think I might try and work it in. The real idea of the monk class or wizards and how they were picked, much like the knights, except without all the extra brain work.
The Tyndale idea was to move that along as technology became more apparent to the masses. As such today we find those same type of divine so called markings. Maybe it is just the idea that the same kinds of souls have the same curiosity while in the womb so the markings are the same, or maybe it is divine. Who knows, however, today they usually are found with blood work. That show the ability of their genome to allow electricity to flow faster from brain to muscle. As such their twitch muscles when fully developed and constructed can out due even the best human with the most martial arts teachings.It has been theorized again that some monks have been able to actually harness this electricity flow to actually cause the atoms themselves to bend at their will much like De Venichi's machine.  All through out history their hiding place was well sought by tyrants, however, the monks never actually Locke like the monks of common. So it made it almost impossible for a tyrant to find them and harness their abilities that have been cloaked and properly trained over the years to become their own machine in which life itself is able to bend to their wills because they understand must molecule structures and their codes. Oh that is a fun scene. However, it would not matter as no possible study of their bodies could every teach you the skills they have inside of their brains. Even a brain scan could not obtain the passages of lifes codes, as they float in the brain cavities like flowers in the air, in which only their souls can decode.

I have heard that they are programs in this country that do not fill up and over overload, and I heard one of them might be the economics department. So I ponder how do I make economics a massively interesting subject for children and adults to want to learn, so we can propell and progress the eye of freedom and develop the world in competition with our rivals. How do I do it I must know? I mean me thinking about competeting with what is left over the communist makes me really excited to help them fully transition into little to no SOE's little means less than 3. Sounds like fun to me, however, how to I get other's to have the same kind of feeling towards economics? that is my entertainment I am cool I either wrote or gave an idea for a movie, and a play write. How? Should I just tell the truth in the movie or make a fictional move with the truth in it? mmmm this one needs a tobacco pipe break.

It will come to me. I like the Templar story, I believe I have traced the good story before the thought of a one world currency and one world government either infilitrated them or became the propoganda against them. I think it is propoganda against them personally as I know the templars nor the Illuminati's would not want to create tryancy via a one world leader or one world government without a proper balance of as many representatives for the people as possible. As a good Democracy/Republic has as many representatives as possible for the people. Were as the idea  of a one world government is a communist idea and is more like a tryanical world domination theory by some evils folks I have read about beign Karl Marx's. This theory goes hand in hand with currency. How can you have one currency that is supposed to be a represenative of so many cultures and difference in ideals, you can't and I know the templars as I have traced them and read about them do not believe in tranical tryancy.
 My heroes would not do that.

Along with that I see them in the light as they are and I think I shall wright a movie script if someone else is not tracing this. I just think and feel I do not know of course. My theory is if they have been infilitrated and do want tryancy then it is primarily because of the cold war and Marxist followers wish to seriously create tyrancy.

So do not BOR me will all of those stories of one world dominance. I do not believe it is the templars, As it is a communist thing and they are almost completely transitioned into a free society. Almost is the key word, we can't let them slip back and try and over take with our kindness. So many differences in this world the best way to represent them is through diversity and as many leaders as possible working together not one leader or one government, just governments and leaders from everywhere working together to compete fairly which is not a one world government.
Anyways if those communist sinsister one world types with their world domination idea of tryancy and enslavment think they are going to get that. Well just wait till I get done with graduate school and I present the new enlightenment against it through root theory logically battles. Properlly and legally. Oh ya baby.

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