This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Macro Economic Policy of Laisse Faire: How to Expand During Times of Recession

Food for thought:
We spent a lot of money on stimulus money for companies that create domestic capital, however, do not bring in a lot of positive capital inflows through exports or otherwise financial investing in foriegn countries.
Our money that was supposed to be used in stimulus form or apples for the hoarses to be used to create positive capital inflows in the new high technological field of green tech was spent at the high rate of 80% of the stimulus to create positive capital inflows for foreign countries while creating negative capital inflows for our country. Now tell, me do you need this general, I?

The leaders of this country need to lead better in economics. They do not need to force folks through Keynesian style economics but they can use lassie faire economics to do some leadership work and show our free enterprises the light, the door is open, and I am going there if you would like too; if the leader finds they can help their country in such a manner. So get to work and stop whipping your people by cutting when you should be growing and expanding like our rivals the communists. They are still communist even though they now wield free enterprises as part of the economic one world domination theory. We can see this through their basic ideas of a one world currency, and their economic movements to under cut free societal allies through economic trading. As the US seems to be lacking in economic offenses.

The thing you want to read, and enjoy baby. You want to read to it.
Tell all your friends the US will compete and expand to match and check the communists Chinese massive expansionism via economic warfare. Come on get the meaning of and open up your eyes. Stop being a zombie and feel the rush of adrenaline fueled economics:

Your you analyze well leader? Your people literally depend on it.

Case Study
What type of leader are you. A strong leader or a tyrant?

You are a leader, city, county, state or federal. You have an area under your leadership. That area just lost a good amount of jobs due to a reliance on a service bell curve system that is easily seen to traced back to an unfair international market place. In which your country is growing at less than 3%, while your competition which has surpassed you in every industry and military is growing at 10%. With these facts you have the choices. The choices I have seen from leaders and researchers have been weak and very I want to say not loving of ones people, I cold think of more words but that is for the whip.  Do you:

A. Find out how much taxes your area needs. Then find out the economic basket under your leadership. Then find out what countries in the world need to be developed in which your leadership area has free enterprises in which your basket could help another country develop.


B. You start whipping your own people and blaming it on them for trying to PROTECT THEIR FAMILIES FROM HAVING THEIR LIVELY HOODS TAKEN FROM THEM THROUGH THEIR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHT OF GATHERING TOGETHER TO FIGHT AGAINST THOSE THAT ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN THEM LEGALLY AND PROPERLY. Which then causes civil disorder and turmoil in short term and in the long run as the jobs keep being lost and then the people can no longer stand it. Thus you take from them their schools, their teachers, their economic guardians (Unions) their police, their judges attorneys and those helping them with their civil troubles. Then you go home and cry and hold your head because you can't figure out how to help your people.

What do you chose, chose wisely as you can be the cause of major cognitive uphill which is exactly what your international rivals and oppositions want so they can keep growing stronger while your country and areas grows weaker. Along with that you have the cognitive soul of a country which when it is seriously imbalanced will start to act out via individuals. Like we are seeing. Chose wisely you can be strong and create a strong area or you can be weak and hurt your people in which they will lash out back at you, it is only nature.

If you chose f'ing A. then read on and take your lashes legally and properly through the 1st, then move one and fight for your area.
If you chose oh B. Then relieve yourself of duty and take a back seat and allow someone who can fight for their people to come up and take the reins.

The Whip
Read carefully I have a lifetime of dealing with this stored in my brain passages. From birth of stories in rocking chairs to death presenting the Watchers Notes on Karl's Marx's sinister wish to sell his one world domination theory to dictators and tryants.
This is the old style economics of getting ones attention via ex World War Veteran Economists. More likely than not would have been taken off the page after the 2nd or 3rd draft of folks reading it and laughing and handing it back with their review notes on the report. Obviously, it is a practice that is out of date, and not done by me in my professional career or my educational attainment.
For the Princess and Princess's of the light. I will whip every leader out there in this country.
In times of hard times we used to have those of the world war generations who would fight and stand up for their people when they were attacked, and when things went wrong. They would stay up nights until they figured out a way not to take away from their families or country. Today we have weak leaders, who wine and curl up in balls when under attack. They hurt the weak and take away from the poor because they are too weak to bring it on and take on the ones that every one knows from the corner grocery store to the highest leadership position knows they are hurting out economic infrastructure. As a child of the fire light under the moon chasing the greys on the backs of dirt bikes with guns strapped on my bike looking for those high technological possible invasions; listening to stories of Senator Sherman and how freedom of economics needs to be fair, from the way our old guard used to actually fight economically for their people. I tell you know I think you are a weak bunch of leaders. You have taken your people's justice systems, civil systems, jobs and taxes, along with now wishing to destroy further our military defenses like you did with the military except you are now attacking intelligence bases. Because you would rather take from your own instead of provide for you own. This goes for both sides of the isle. Your weak and I have come to whip  you for whipping the poor and taking when it is not necessary to take. And I will whip you hard because in a free country our leaders need to be strong leaders. Not leaders who have smiles on their faces when they give our tax money to our foreign competition to take more of our possible positive capital inflows. Not leaders who allow their Unions to have beg not to have their jobs taken by a country that can't figure out how to deal with their criminal population. Not leaders who instead of doing proper calculation of how much taxes we need then equating them to jobs and then going out in the big world with gunners, strategists and securing business personnel with free enterprises to bring with them. I applaud my opposition and our rivals the Communist. As when the communist leaders travel they bring over 100 free enterprises owners to each country they visit. Along with that they are visiting every country to see what they need and how the Chinese Communist government can help them. While the US weak babbling leaders barely do anything except take away their people's quality of life, jobs, taxes, and safety nets. It is time for you all to be whipped legally and properly and I was born to lead the leaders. The majority of you ask what your country can do for you as a leader with numbers under crunch instead of what you can do for your country by bringing more jobs, more safety and more security. We are for the love of life the lead light, yet these leaders I see, cower and crawl and whip their own people, like teachers, unions, the justice system, the civil systems. Instead of saying I need this much amounts of taxes to equate, then I need this much more to build. How many jobs do I need, what are my tools (free enterprises) get my tools together we are going on a world wide tour to see who we can help develop and bring freedom of economics and the stewardship of the US to. Instead you all wine and steal from your people because you are to lazy to figure out how to bring it all back so you just destroy and self defecate and mutilate your own economic infrastructure. Then were is the problem darling, (countries need to be developed without military through economic free enterprises and trade). Hand me my glue son, our strong ability to show countries how to economically grow through fair and free trade like we did with the Communists. However, they backed out on their contracts and are now trying to take our kindness and take over the world instead of reconstructing the communist one world party like their oral and contractual agreements should hold them too (Monk). You should all get down and kiss my boots for mercy that I do not lyrically, strategically, statistically and economically show how the majority of you could not lead a hoarse to water if you had a basket of apples. And if you do get donw and Kiss my boots you do not deserve to be a leader, and should give you your seat. Now get to work trying to fight for you people and stop whipping them becuase you can't figure out what your tools are where the problem is and how to glue it all together.

Here is what a Communist Leader would say to me after reading that. You can't say that to me Iam god you have no right to tell me I am weak who are you. As they do not believe in checks and balance and the idea of freedom of speech as a check. Here is what a USA leader would say either I am going to show you weak and then they would pick on me for trying to shape them into a stronger leader in which they would probable be the B type. An A type would probable say I am sorry son, I am on it, Aid get me a report on my areas economic baskets then compare and contrast them with the world and see where I can helpe my country develop anothers and bring home the bacon and bread for our country. Thank you son run along try not to piss of the B types and get hurt.

See you on the trail you non caffeen drinking not fighting for economic prowless folks. Speed up compete, or get out of my way and let me win and lead. Good luck to me hopefully I come back with an material award and not a bodily award.

For freedom of economics, the ability to ride free and feel the wind and speak freely for your civil rights.

Feel it quickening the trade competition through legal and proper ideas of development between rivals. Feel the heart beat of an animal, see the birds eye's at their meetings, here the ants hears when they speak. Feel the quickening.

How to use Laisse Faire while stilling being able to Lead the Hoarses to Water

"Every economy must solve three main coordination problems:

1. What, and how much, to produce
2. How to produce it.
3. For whom to produce it." 

First notes then translation of ideas:
"Laissez-faire -- an economic policy of leaving coordination of individuals' actions to the market. Let events take their course leave things along)" Dr. Cool an der's definition. "non active"

"Classical economists take the position that, generally, individuals should be responsible for finding jobs." They emphasize that an individual can always find some job at some wage rate, even if it's only selliong apples on the street for 40cents apiece. Given this view of individual responsibility, unemployment is impossible."

Keynesian Economics: "favor activitst government policies"
"a more active role for government in reducing the severity of cylical fluctuations."
"Keynesian economists tend to say society owes people jobs commensurate with their training or past jobs experience. They further agree argue that the jobs should be close enough to homeso people don't have to move."

"cyclical unemployment (unemployment resulting from fluctuations in economic activity"
"structural unemployment (unemployment caused by the institutional structure of an economy or by economic restructuring making some skills obsolete)"

"target rate unemployment is the lowest sustainable rate of unemployment that policymakers believe is achievable given existing demographics and the economy's institutional structure."

"In the 1960's the average rate of unemployment in Europe was considerably below the average rate of unemployment in the United States. In the 1990's and early 2000s that reversed and the average unemployment rate in Europe has now significanlty exceeded that in the United States. One of the reasons for this reversal is that Europe tried to create high paying jobs, while it left the variety of taxes and social programs in place that discouraged the creation of low paying jobs." historical application

"the capacity utilization rate - the rate at which factories and machines are operating compared to the maximum sustainable rate at which they could be used - indicates how much capital is available for economic growth" what is the potention of economic growth and at what point do we stop exporting jobs due to the lose of the capacity of utilzation rate.

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