This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Rebuttal to Economist who do not understand Marshallian theories and its application to free trade.

Um your report is so horrible off. You are one of those economists who do not take into account Marshallian economics or the Reality of Economics Principle. Lets take your statement:
" Free trade with other countries (regardless of how much or little their workers are paid) doesn’t increase unemployment or lower wages. Indeed, one of the best ways of increasing the wages of U.S. workers is by allowing them to compete with workers (even very low paid workers) in other countries through free trade."
Then your horrible analogy of your previously unsupported statement:
"Understanding why Tiger Woods doesn’t become a caddie is enough to understand why high-paid U.S. workers benefit when free trade puts them in competition with lower-paid foreign workers."
You leave out many variables when it comes to trade. The idea that free trade benefits a country because of comparative advantage is for basic countries that run free economies like the US. However, countries like Brazil who use centralized economic strategies through state owned enterprises do not compete at the same rate as US free enterprises. As such lets take your example of cars and computers. It is actually cheaper to produce both cars and computers in Brazil. As they have the cheaper labor, cheaper resources and cheaper production facilities. You like most economists who do not follow Marshallian theory do not properly place all variables into the equation and go on some mixed equation of false idea that Smithian without Marshallian theories actually works when dealing with countries of high Marxists theories. Let me explain:
 Your idea of comparative advantage does not take away high paying jobs or create unemployment is easily rebutted by a Smithian Marshallian Economic Reality principle non professional economists. As such, enough theory rebuttal on to the good stuff.
Lets take our trade with China as that is my study of specialty. We started trading freely with a heavy Marxist theorized country in false idea of free trade will not take jobs, or create high unemployment. However, what we have seen since Marshallian principles where not properly etiquette to Smithian ideas when dealing with Marxists; we notice that the US began to rely on a service bell curve for employment and negative capital inflows. As such this reliance has caused and fulled huge amounts of inflation (lost savings) and lost jobs during each recession. As such every time the service bell curve crashes via the employment multiplier which I plan to prove in my MA economics program, the Marxists who protect their economy heavily are able to take more jobs and market shares from the US. While then driving down quality of life via unemployment from the reliance on the high service bell curve. Then they are able to come in and buy up market shares and hire US citizens for cheaper prices than they were making during the up trend of the service bell curve. As such, we have gained unemployment and we have lost jobs. Along with that I will leave you to this. The idea of trading with the Communists was that the US would have a comparative advantage in high tech trade. We have been in a high tech trade for 4 years now. This is primarily due to variables of production that allow the Communist to buy cheaper resources, and keep their prices down while each recession they are able to gain more jobs in a surplus which causes their overhead to go down, while it costs the US overhead in those same industries to go up. Much like a $50,000 a year starting engineer job going for $8,000 a year in China.
Your theory is wrong and very upsetting for a Marshallian economists how properly etiquette Marshallian theory to Lockean theory to understand Marxist one world economic domination theory, and how it works via unfair competition. Along with that this idea of unregulated free trad, completely demonizes the idea of anti-trust and cartel activities in the law. As it makes it seem like we can trade with anyone who has a comparative advantage and we will also gain a comparative advantage. I would like to see you tell that to the communist who have slowly over 30 years gained a comparative advantage in all industries including cars in which our leaders and really bad economic theorists when it comes to Marshallian and Smithian free trade reports said would not happen or it was good.
Your wrong please stop thinking and reporting your wrong ideas of economics. You and your ideas and ideas like you have caused a massive reliance on a service bell curve, which possible might be leading us into a Soviet Style economic implosion around 2014. Lets hope I am wrong.
My suggestion is that you either report that this is in a vacuum or you realize that certain theories completely destroy free trade like Communism.

Rider I
This was my rebuttal to this article:

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