This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Simalatries between the Soviet's Block and the Chinese Communists BRIC.

Need to find data to prove or disprove.

1. Idea of pushing for a one world currency, and one world government via the biggest countries in the world having close connections.

2. The idea that the free world may not be allowed to be in on the BRIC's plans or ideas or be invited to be in on the planning.

3. The idea that the BRIC does more trade with itself and other communist countries in which the lead BRIC member wishes to develop.

4. The idea that the BRIC is to act like a developing societal entity. When China alone has more cities and more human population along with more economics and military might than any so called developed country, which is really just a way to keep out the free societies from the BRIC much like the BLOC did.

5. The idea that the countries that have been chosen to be in the BRIC are to be further developed into communist countries for proper satellite position of the main communist countries wishes.

6. The thought that these countries will because of their unique false assumption that they are developing become closer allies in such giving the free world less abilities to trade with them than their BRIC members. Even though again most of these countries have more developed cities with bigger populations and bigger economics than the so called developed world in which actually is just the free world that dissents against communist hegemony over freedom hegemony.

7. The idea that the BRIC stays it is a democracy yet the leader for the BRIC China is the biggest communist political country in the world, much like the BLOC and the Soviets tried to pull over the world's eyes.

8. The ability of each party to act separately to enable the free world from stopping their main communist countries march forward in the economic warfare. Mainly through simple yet back door intellectual ideas that they may not are know are even being planned by the main communist party.


Guess who has the key baby:

I am highly educated, trying to be highly balanced with a lean, highly trained and mean, and the monks know what I mean baby.

China should not be allowed in the BRIC, they seem to be very powerful and I believe they are in the other arena's of life. Allowing such a heavy hitting communist party to sit down in countries that are all very vulnerable to Communist overthrow is dangerous. Hello  shashoujian, KGB, & mother, M16 and the rest, Papa is back. I had to due a couple of tours with the greys against the dark planet of enslavement to their one leader, one culture one greed planetary hold and their expansion. But I am back babies. I see you have all been ripping at moma and M16 again.

I also hear that the twin liberties are being torn apart too.
You know we need a new place to be free, and if we do not properly strategically place our manufacturing plnats for new developing countries as self suffcient with little to no carbon output along with our metal hoarses we need to catch up.

Symbols up bad butts, y'all play nice.

We are cool little casualities off plantary rebel equiment still coming up with vulnerable trojans in them when going into the dark planets slavery colonies.
Pretty much the same game just better tech used to recruit now that here on earth we are uping our high tech gear:
Remeber keep it balanced and make sure proper freedom checks are guaranteed so we do not end up like the slave colonials working for a one planetary government in slave camps by different areas of the planet. Diversification of labors and ideas is important along with cultures and idea, as long as they do not hurt folks.

The trick mother and M16 is diversification of defenses and offenses. We find that the slavery planetary systems all work together as a communal one world order to build there defenses. As such sense each free planetary system works to check each other and them, we are able to find a weakness that one planetary system is different from the others then we exploit that weakness within minutes. We only share intellegence when we are at the point of conflict, in which the tech inables us when one planetary system finds a weakness we can simaltaneously share the data and our ships become more powerfull. Then each of the free planetary systems is able to afterwards go to work on checking and counter balancing their opposition free planetary systems which allows us to have good offenese and defense the next time we free a slave planetary system, and create a proper defense for them to grow peacefully from the outer rims of the planetary system.

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