This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

The perpetuation of communism to me is like a a feeling that a jewish person has towards the German Socailist party (Nazi's)

I have waited a long time to fight for my ghostly ancestries and their own ideas of freedom. Howe they were enslaved into camps for labor, killed with bullets to the head. Mutilated, and tortured, and you know for what, not because they knew someone who was going to hurt someone or not because they had some radical idea of anarchy against their government. The reason why I feel the way I feel about communism is because my people and my culture was completely holocausts and genocide many times in the name of Karl Marx's and his sinister idea of world domination for the enslavement of the human species for a social feudalistic system. I understand that for freedom we have to deal with pictures of things we do not like, like dead people or pictures of the human in its nature form, along with political parties that represent massive death and decay of ideals of freedom.
Good morning world, this is your angel calling, I am here, I will not allow the communists to destroy what the I's have created for all, again. More people died from Karl Marx's theories than Min Kamp, and in the same fashion as the Jewish culture. All because they believed in freedom of economics, spirituality and the right for them to own their own.

I am still waiting on my report from two very great people who I might bind them to their soul contracts and place them in the cage ring for a spare with their general, as the reports are taking a while. As I need to start teaching the US's leaders about the communists intelligence agencies and their cognitive side affects from being so in tuned to Karl Marx's much like the side affects of intelligence agents and soldiers that are so in tuned with Min Kamp.

Rider I
Gentlemen if you do not get me that report you are to report to the cage and we are going to get it on. I have a need to whoop some booty and I think you two should start strategizing on how you are going to impair me not to use my lion style to take you down and grapple you with one hand while I kiss your heads and make you feel like children by kissing your heads and explaining why things have deadlines.

These my world trace book thoughts, are still going on in Communist China. People are jailed for wishing to dissent peacefully, while also wanting to research into their own supposed government of the people. While the government also still stops their people from being able to be free through SOE's and cartel activities.

If you do not know why we went to a cold war with the communists, you should do your historical lessons and see why the communists are worse than the German Socialist party (Nazi's). My culture of economic freedom dissent, monk style ideals of multiple spirituality's and their rights to be governed under the laws for their country by their own people and not the state, the right of freedom of speech and many other left over cognitive process we still see from the communist party like wishing for a one world international currency and a one world government in which is dominated by the country with the most SOE business.

I am a tolerant person, I do love communists, however, I find as a progressive moderate who leans one way, that allowing such a party into our governments leaves a slippery slope to also allow other extreme parties that have the ability to cause major damage to the human species freedom. You should hearer the stories from communist defectors from countries in which they come from. Were if they spoke against the leadership for a new leader, or they tried to start their own personal business for their labors or they wished to earn more degrees that were not in their specified industry, or if they had more books than was allowed for the spread of wealth. You just do not understand my culture anymore, I need to enlighten the world about the idea of allowing this extreme political party from expanding internationally.

I mean have you ever seen an aura test before a start fighter program testing on a communists aura when you start asking specific strategized questions to see if they will defect for the one planet who enslaves other planets for their communal need to build space weapons and space travel. It is not a pretty color and it shows the cognitive ideas process. The actual tests they made up as I was really interested in seeing how they did it was really good. They did a lot of research to find out how much internal damage Karl Marx's has done to a souls mental cognitive process and whether or not that soul has taken in enough other materials for proper balance of the ideas, and the aura release of the wish to enslave for either power, or for solidarity of not wanting to compete healthily. That is the name of the author on this planetary system, they are different on all and there is one who it actually took over. Guess who is the biggest trouble in the universe.

Hello my loves, peacefully I will reteach this world about one world governments, currencies and the threat to peace and freedom of multiplicity of diversity of ideas v. one communist ideals. We are all connected but individually so, nor forceful for the commune.

Soul contract certain species in this universe have a certain color that has been scientifically tested over and over again to strive for middle ground. That is why I told hippy and cowboy their souls contract, they do not have to go and they can leave anytime. However, most of the Guardia Siochana's are just like me and love all cultures and ideas, and understand extreme right's which are heavily being spent to help them moderate on and the extreme left which are currently expanding at a massive rate without any or at least little checking by the countries of freedom and free will.

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