This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

You see in soul cognition studies, and in meditation I will go ollscoil then bring it present.

In the old days the monks used to travel around the world based on meditation. In which they would feel their way along based on energy spikes of negative energy or high soul or I guess now a days electronically waves, I forget the tech name. In which they were able to trace via their sensitive minds to the nature of the world. They then would be able to mind shift into the proper character to see what was going wrong in that area of the world. As such, some called them wizards, as the term for my historical heritage and there was also the names of warlocks. Now if they could do what today we call high technological workings and then was called magic, probably. There are folks today that are so far ahead of their societies and world that for example, they can step into a game grid on the Internet completely plugged in (again forgetting key industrial words for names of tools), then once in the grid treat it like a football game with incoming codes and they can actually monitor like a guard or attack like a warrior via their human body and mind seeing each code and being able to be the size of an ant for small codes or the size of a planet for major defensive codes.

Today, we call these people monks, a lot of them have taken down in areas of the world where it is civilized and the areas were it is not they are hardly able to see what is needed as there is so much confusion. However, some are still powerful enough to see it and figure it out. In regards to the mystical party of this, it reminds me of the idea of acting, which is today's mind shifting. The ability to take one's soul and mental cognitive process and shape and reshape them based on studies then present a physical picture using the same energy ways being captured through their souls traces. As such, if a writer, actor or otherwise really wanted to get in touch with a Dr. in the soul travel energy presentation industry, one would be very in depth to find them on the meditation plane. However, sometimes with so many intellects being there, trying to connect via meditation is not always the best way, so using multiple trace effects of transmission of energy one can usually persuade a producer or even actor to take on one's ideas without them knowing about it. It is a very in depth soul cognition study, and the monks used to use it for leaders of worlds hurting a lot of people and trying to find someone to defend those people's freedoms. Does not always work nothing really ever does. But it is that extra above and beyond that just might get it there. By the way never tell anyone about this unless they are Buddhist or understand the idea of meditation, as they will think your crazy much like this lunar ticking toking finger hopping key boarder. That is why if you have ever heard a producer or actor say I just do not feel it, that is because you did not put in the extra study above and beyond the crazy hard work of mind shifting or creating a mind shift idea, to find their souls place of socializing in the meditation field. Whether folks like it or not, must folks soul travel when they rest. Probable just a peaceful lunar tick's blog that's all.
Also by the way students never tell your meditation to anyone. If you did like I just did, then it will upset the other soul that you might have been speaking with in the meditation world, as it is not a common practice to speak in meditation. Along with that as the grey's have almost lost their capacity for speech because of the lazy reliance on the practice, we do not want to proliferate the idea so the gentle and lady practice is it is ok to seek not to force and never speak of. Being the head master has its perks.

Rider i

turn in your papers class on cyber defense guarding via human interactions all tool names have been left out to make it not easy for you to figure out. I expect at least 30 page briefs on the matter of humans being able go guard in the cyber world. Ah they all better be different, what is the point of being your teacher if I can't use your articles to help me further the area while also teaching you the industry. Some of you at the top of the class will get to sit with the cyber knights. So compete and compete good. Ladies no getting the boys drunk to gain an advantage and boys if any of you are found to be doing anything unethical I will make sure that you go in the cage with me personally, ladies spider women for you.

Are telecommunications systems economic industries are under heavy attack and our deficits show it. I need good cyber knights. I want to be chilled inside and perpelled to jump and fall out of my seat when I read.

I had to get out of my share that moves back and forth while I write a couple of times.

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