This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

What if the political analogies are based on a soul cognition.

I have met many Americana's who do not shy away from voting to the other party if the last party they voted for became to extreme in their views. For example, with Bush we all wanted to go in and whoop Iraq for making us enemies with Iran because of their use of chemical weapons. Then Iraq startted mouthing off again and we had to go in and collect biological warfare weapons which we did not tell anyone existed because we did not want folks in the US to find it either. Then after two terms everyone was tired of the Republicans and leading Democrats butt whoppings which were necessary to keep peace with Iran and the middle east. So we voted in the Democrats, which actually started as a gradual swing which included first voting in the house for Dem's in power away from the pubs. Now we have seen the same thing happen with the Dems. Were Obama will probable have to pull out of the middle east like we are doing and stop spending so much money on regulating the extreme right and start spending more money on building the US which will inherently allow more military and defense spending on intelligence for economic benefit of our free enterprise which will be directed towards the communist as they are our biggest rivals next to our own free world countries which are as in just as bad a shape from regulating the extreme right via massive troop and base spending on extreme rights. Again I am not saying we should stop, However, a nice economic warfare plan against the terrorist might work a lot better than a hard power. As such like we did against the Soviet Communist economic warfare. In which we used economics not military to create peace for the middle east. Much like we see the new leading communist party doing out of China for the rest of the world. However, this will be dangerous move by Chief and Commander, sorry Chief flowing here, as the forces who want the golden dragon to stay in the middle east the big Islamic families like the Osama's so we can help them build and secure tribal feuds, and the others who want our money, might use their tribal warriors or terrorist to attack us again. So a massive intelligences build up will be needed to properly pull out if I am correct on my political analysis of our swinging analogies here at home. Then if the Chief follows through, with that he might get elected again by the people as all sides will be happy to see their children home, except those who still want to keep fighting against the extreme right via military and not economic warfare, which is much more costly on lives and economics, which by the way I am all for if that is what happens I am just trying to do a middle ground analysis. Then if that is what the Chief does, he will have to promise to turn around the economy and balance it out again. Which will include heavy intelligence battles against the Communist economic international expansion campaigns. Which then will allow our leaders and our dod intell's to safely open the door for more us free enterprises to export too. This then will help balance the budget as it will bring in more capital inflows, and also help the US and free societies be lead into a new, themselves, campaign for democracy/republic or two party different side systems and economic freedom of the true developing world, as the Communist are good at cloaking themselves as so called developing even though they are way bigger and way more developed than us. It is just as not as spread out as we are as communism is a circular reasoning and does not solve for the problem it purports to solve for.
Then after the Chief probable does that, we will be tired of the Democrats as we are a dissenting country and by that time will of course have used our free speech to dissent so much just be cause of freedom we will want to vote in the other party. Then it will happen all over again. It is an amazing thing our political system and our soul cognition of dissenting and how the allowance of the 1st and foremost keeps us balanced. I love this place, I would die for this place and probable will; after grand children and wife are secure and I buy the farm.

Rider I
no grammar check sorry chief about the improper lead salutations busy working on finding employment and I know also am trying to do a charitable even for the US economic studies by raising the bar standard to all economic programs must have computer based analysis classes, not easy to do Chief. Good luck the balance is utmost. I am scared of the left just as much as I am scared of the right as the right are very religious and religion has long been next to the German theorist Karl Marx's and his idealist like Hitler and Stalin been the world's biggest killer, however, I love religion and practice myself.

Did our founding forefather and of course mothers as you know ladies get the last word at home especially during dinner time even then. Was it that the monks found in the Templar's a need to be free in such they taught them the ancient ways for such a bright country to be, for specifically after years of watching voting systems, that for some reason in our soul as a whole country we are swingers, and no conservatives I do not mean that way. I mean we can dissent if we feel one thing is getting to much power over another.

That is another good thing. The US really does need to shift gears and work on economic building because maybe we are concentrating to much power in one area. I do not know, I am for us fighting there, and civilizing them, however, on the other side I think we are much brighter than having to use guns to fight, even though trust me I like guns and I am all for them, but economics is such a great way to lower terrorist rates.

that is what happens when you are specifically trained to try and harness both hemispheres of your brain to the full potential. I do not know, I just think and feel.

The projection of thoughts on the idea of the anomaly of our two party system and how they check each other by allowing their dissenters to dissent, primarily because it is in our nature as a civilly free and economic free country to dissent and have the power of free media and free enterprises and media leaders and capital leaders on both sides of the issues. Who inherently just want to make money and as we the people love to dissent they know there is tons of money in working for the dissenters, as such each swing might just be exactly how the monks and the forefathers planned it, freedom of speech, working with freedom of economics to create an ever lasting balance between two parties that will check each other when they try and get to tyrannical. not saying anything on either side as most of the time we just vote parties out because we like to dissent and we are not ingrained to be afraid to vote against the opposing party to our views. Weird thing these trace books. I mean not professional at all, it is just mean to get it out, storm it and then later when it is time to be professional go through it and pick up key ideas and traces of thought to produce something for freedom of economics for my family to survive, or for worldly opinions to keep rights preserved.

What ever you do:

The mice and porpoises will be there soon to educate you. Just do not panic, and take your towel with you. The attorney's do not like to shower, as they are afraid of towels on attorney planets.

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