This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

How to turn the Communists rare earth mineral quota economic strategy against them, to a positive light.

In all reality China is not the only place with rare earth minerals. They just used that to create a domestic surplus by only owning and digging for their own minerals to use that to. As such, the way to rebutt their thought process of being able to conquer the high technological field is by blowing past them in export trade. This can easily be done as the earth is a strateig elemental ball of gathered molecules and atoms. As such for the earth to be it most have pockets of these types of minerals in certain areas to hold it together. It is a basic idea that is used to find where minerals are. As such we can work with a country like Mongolia who needs to the massive trade. Which they then can accumulate their own surpluse through a mineral trade as long as the communist SOE's do not come in and devor them. This then will allow them to buy more imports for their country. As such their quality of life will be able to rise much like we did for the communists. This then will allow the free world to start competiting better for world development through economics.
World development is done through economics not military might. This is primarily because military might usually creates an economic business deficit with the country that the military went into. Meaning that the countries people do not want to deal with the country that is there with guns. As such, in Mongolia they are stable at current. So we can easily help them or countries like them create mineral surpluses, so they then can start buying more exports. However, we have to compete against the communist so if they start to come in there to these new mineral surplus countries. We must take them to court, to try and show how we can't compete and it is causing us a detrement.
Therefore, we can not only use the Communist Parties greed against them, but we can compel it to be used to surpass them.
The strategy must maintain that China should not be allowed to seek more rare earth mineral mines as they have a very uncompetitive 93% of the worlds market. Which in terms of anti-trust is illega. This alone should keep them out of developing countries. As such it will allow that country to develop soverignly without communist SOE's. Which will in turn allow them to do more business with free countries like the USA.

Therefore, were there was once darkness there is now light.

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I long for the days when I can complete professional reports and help propell the world to development through competition. This cite is not a source of my work. My long educational awards, attainment of degrees and leadership positions is. I do this blog cite as a trace book. And if asked would shut it down and create a professional one were only properly backed research came out of. However, as we have the 1st Amendment my thoughts and ideas can be released freely. I just hope they are not used against me for some kind of attack on my beliefs in propelling the USA to start developing economically more the true undeveloped world.
Thank that is all students.
As my trace book I want to say heheheh to be funny as this cite is also upsetting I have to balance it out. So hehehe.

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